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Bluetooth Loudspeaker

a remote loudspeaker. What can you do with a microphone and remote loudspeaker? Who needs this mic

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Bosch Loudspeaker Selection

environment. The Loudspeaker Selection Tool (LSP Select) enables you to choose the best fit product from

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DriveMODE(Auto Loudspeaker)

DriveMODE announces who is calling & lets you answer/reject calls on loudspeaker mode by saying

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Bluetooth loudspeaker

" as the loudspeaker with this APP. And then you might not need to buy the real loudspeaker.

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Speaker - AutoLoudspeaker

This is a Prototype Application that is designed to turn on the Loud Speaker of the phone during a phone conversation as soon as the phone is moved away from ear during a conversation. The concept is to facilitate the mobile users to take down notes or use the other functions like searching on the contacts, checking another incoming call during an…

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Sensor music player

a table, hit the table to skip current song. WARNING: using the device loudspeaker can produce enough

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with cables. If only one of these cables is not plugged in correctly, the loudspeakers remain silent. In AUX

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Polarity Checker

For a good working Sound System it is essential that all loudspeakers are wired correctly

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Flip - Speakerphone

-Enable Service -Flip it when in call for speakerphone **You have to answer call before flipping to go to speakerphone. Answering the call in program is not supported by android. For more features(vibrate, silent, wifi and more), options and customizability checkout Flip 'n Shake Lite. Hit "View more applications" below.

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Auto Speaker

Those of us who like using the speaker phone feature know that it's frustrating to always press the speaker button. It's not always possible during driving to switch to speaker or even during a normal call the phone may fall and then you will need to switch to speaker mode This is a tool that monitor during a call check if Speaker mode sh…

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DriveRack PA2 Control

your loudspeakers. With the PA2 app you can control all aspects of the hardware through a network (Wi

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