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This application reduces your screen brightness below the lower level allowed by your androphone. It applies only an adjustable transparent layer on your screen. FEATURES: - Set a fixed transparency degree setting OR - Set a transparency degree setting for each light sensor's thresholds for automatic adjustement (if your phone is equipped w…

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Luminosity is an arcade score attack game made by Windmill Games that puts players through an old

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Mind Games

Mind Games is a great collection of games based in part on principles derived from cognitive tasks to help you practice different mental skills. This app includes nearly 3 dozen of Mindware’s brain training games (some of which allow you to play 3 times and require upgrading to play more). All games include your score history and graph of your pr…

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Luminosity Rush

An infinite game where you control a box with a tail (AKA, the player). Your goal is not to crash into the obstacles in the way. Every time you get a point, there's a chance for the level to rotate 90 degrees. When it does, be ready. You will then use different controls than before. When you play in the rotated mode, press on respective side of…

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Luminosity Meter

Luminosity Meter lets you measure the ambient luminosity (Lux). In order to show Lux value, device

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Smart Stay Ex Lite

Sorry For the issues due to the Merging. We care about users and that's why we are bringing back the OLD Smart Stay Lite. Update to v.1.0.4 If you like the app and want to buy the pro. Please refer to: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.beansoft.eyespy This is the latest version with new goodness in it. :) our new lite versi…

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Auto Brightness Switch

This application switches on or off auto brightness on Android 2.2+ phones. It saves the last manually set brightness level in order to return to that level when auto brightness is disabled. This app is not a widget, so it won't show you the current setting visually, it won't take up extra memory, and it won't bog down your home screen…

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Timed Lamp

Timed Lamp illuminates the dark corners of your life with your Android phone! Just pull the handle and the lamp will light up for up to two minutes (won't kill your battery if you forget to turn it off). A widget is also available to quickly turn on the lamp. Comments welcome. Find the source code at http://github.com/gautier/timedlamp

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Sharingan Rinnegan LWP Lite

.(*) + No Ads. + Switch Sharingan.(*) + Adjust luminosity, rotation speed. + Zoom in and out. + Texture

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Official Sony SmartWatch app To use a SmartWatch, you must install this app on your Android smartphone. Use the app to edit settings, enable/disable apps, select watch interface and find apps developed for SmartWatch on Google Play™. When you have installed this app, it will not appear on your home screen. Instead, it will be integrated into LiveW…

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Balloon Frenzy

by Alan Morel from Luminosity Games. This app has been made completely free and without a single

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