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Machinist Calc Pro Calculator

The Machinist Calc Pro machining calculator is deal for machining pros and machine shop owners who

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Machinist Helper Full

Machinist Helper (Full Version) is an easy tool that will give you an edge over your competition

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Machinist Calc Pro 2

The Machinist Calc Pro 2 machining calculator now includes materials and tool settings combined

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Figuromo Artist: Machinist

style and design, it's never been this easy to transform a sculpture into your own creation

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Drill Bit Charts

readability. 12/1/2013 - Added a Tap Drills for U.S. Sizes chart with drill sizes for 100%, 75%, and 50

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Trigonometry Calculator

, minutes and seconds to degrees-decimal Part of the Machinist's Calculator Library of app tools! You

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Machinist Handbook

. Note: This is not the Machinery's Handbook. The majority of info in this Machinist Handbook app

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Tapatalk Pro - 100,000+ Forums

Lipstick Alley The High Road The Hackers Paradise Practical Machinist Professional Muscle Candlepowerforums

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Tapatalk - 100,000+ Forums

Machinist Professional Muscle Candlepowerforums iPhone Hacks Detailing World Brave Frontier Forum Psych

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Carpenter's Calculator

, engineers, machinists. Calculations in feet and inches, or just inches rounded to the nearest fraction (1

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Machine Screws Drill/Tap Info

size #0000-160 through 41.6 mm (1.6378) with associated screw size(s). Great reference for machinists

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