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Magnetic balls bubble shoot

Review: http://www.androidtapp.com/magnetic-balls-puzzle-game/ Features: * 4 worlds with different

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Download Field Compass Field Compass icon
Field Compass

Field Compass is a powerful and simple magnetic compass app, with all the information you need

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Download Magnetic Field Detector Magnetic Field Detector icon
Magnetic Field Detector

Use your phone as a magnetic field detector! This app is used to measure magnetic field

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Download Magnetic Field Magnetic Field icon
Magnetic Field

This app reads the 3 magnetic field sensors of the device. It shows each component and the total

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Download Max Magnetic Field Detector Max Magnetic Field Detector icon
Max Magnetic Field Detector

It is metal detecting and measuring Magnetic Field App. around handset device. Main Function

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Download Magnetic Field - Magnetometer Magnetic Field - Magnetometer icon
Magnetic Field - Magnetometer

the strength of the magnetic field of random objects around you. This magnetometer is a powerful tool to detect

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Download Tesla Magnetic Field Recorder Tesla Magnetic Field Recorder icon
Tesla Magnetic Field Recorder

An Electromagnetic Field is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects, including

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Download Metal Detector Metal Detector icon
Metal Detector

Find the Metal objects around you with this handy tool! This app measures magnetic field values

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Download Magnetism Magnetism icon

and explore its applications in real life. Discover the laws of magnetism and determine the magnetic field

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Download Magnetic Sensor Magnetic Sensor icon
Magnetic Sensor

This application is Magnetic Sensor. The magnetic field around a phone is measured

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Download EMF Detector [Neo EMF Sensor] EMF Detector [Neo EMF Sensor] icon
EMF Detector [Neo EMF Sensor]

This application is used to detect EMF or Electromagnetic field[ EMF Detector/EMF Sensor]. This can

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Download Magnetic field detector 3D Magnetic field detector 3D icon
Magnetic field detector 3D

Unlike previous simple 2D magnetic field detector / metal detector, this magnetic field detector

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