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3D Compass and Magnetometer

Visualize the hidden world of magnetism around you in 3 dimensions! It can be perfectly used to explore and measure the direction and strength of the magnetic field of random objects around you. This is our first release of an app on Android, tested on a G1 and Droid, please report any problems you have to our email. talking tom follows us on face…

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Physics Toolbox Magnetometer

for the presence of permanent magnets or electromagnetic fields. Within the classroom, the magnetometer can be used

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Download Magnetometer Magnetometer icon

This application measure magnetic field accurately. Download and open Magnetometer app. Application

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Magnetic Field - Magnetometer

the strength of the magnetic field of random objects around you. This magnetometer is a powerful tool to detect

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Level of EMR (Magnetometer)

Now you can check the level of the electromagnetic field in their home. This program is designed to measure the electromagnetic field level . Has a simple and intuitive interface and two measurement modes: normal and advanced. Normal measures range from 0 to 700 microtesla (μT), and extended from 700 to 2000 microtesla (μT). These are provided for…

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Magnetometer - Magnet Detector

Magnet Detector is a powerful tool to detect ferrous metals and magnets. This application detects and measures magnetic field values using the in-built sensor of your phone. This application can also detect electrical flux. Hidden live electrical wires weather underground or inside the walls. This application is very simple to use: Just open and t…

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Download Metal Detector - Magnetometer Metal Detector - Magnetometer icon
Metal Detector - Magnetometer

the built in compass/magnetometer. - Smart alert level setting - Pinch to zoom the graph - Vibration alert

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Download Magnetometer Magnetometer icon

The application is used to measure magnetic fields with accuracy up to 1 nT using the magnetic sensor of the mobile device. The high precision of the application allows to be used for: - detection of magnetic anomalies - determination of the structure of the earth layers based on the distribution of the Earth's magnetic field - detection of…

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Download Magnet-O-Meter Metal Detector Magnet-O-Meter Metal Detector icon
Magnet-O-Meter Metal Detector

A great tool to measure the strength of magnetic fields. Can also be used to find static or ferromagnetic metals. Plus it looks cool.

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ET Contact Tool

and magnetometer. You may find http://new.cseti.org/ambassador-trainings.html of interest. The app was designed

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Download AMI 2D Magnetometer Sensor AMI 2D Magnetometer Sensor icon
AMI 2D Magnetometer Sensor

This is a simple plotting application for evaluating the built-in magnetometer in your device

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