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Magnifier, Magnifying Glass

as the perfect digital magnifier. There is not need to take a magnifying glass when reading small labels

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Simply the best magnifying glass in the Play Store. Uses your phone's camera to magnify text

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Magnifier [Magnifying Glass]

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Magnifying Glass Flashlight

! The best magnifying Glass For Android. Now with built-in flashlight for FREE! You can choose between 4

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Smart Magnifier

into a Magnifying Glass using camera zoom, auto-focus and LED flash. When you want to magnify small things and words

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Magnifier & Microscope [Cozy]

magnifying glass on the market * Features ⊙ Magnifier (H/W, S/W) ⊙ Microscope (more fine image) ⊙ LED

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-Free now on the Market. Turn your Android phone into a digital magnifying glass with built-in flashlight

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Magnifier + Flashlight

magnifier. When you start camera, the APP will set the zoom to middle value. You can drag zoom seek bar

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Magnifying Glass Realistic

This app turns your phone to a great magnifier (magnifying glass). - Largest magnifying glass

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magnifying glass with light

In this magnifier app you can turn on and off the lighting and do zoom in and out. magnifying glass

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Magnifying Glass

The Magnifying Glass it does what it claims to do - it magnifies what one is looking at through

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