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Measurement Conversion (Free)

Measurement Conversion is a simple, fast and practice that allows you to convert between different

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Cooking Measures

that helps in converting between the daily use cooking measures. The conversions are offline. So the app can

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Hardness Conversion

Hardness Conversion is a simple app for converting between popular scales used to measure

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Nepali Unit Conversion

Nepali measurement units (such as ropani, tola, dharni, haat, mana, pathi etc.) to metric or imperial

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to kitchen measurements. Unit conversions available include: * Length conversions * Area conversions

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Cooking Conversions

Cooking Conversions helps you: 1. Convert units of measure by volume and by weight. 2. Scale

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Unit Converter

currencies are supported with live conversion rates * Easy to use swap function for a given unit of measure

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Unit Converter Tool

of conversion domains. (Area, Energy, Time, Velocity, Pressure, Length, Temperature, Mass, Power) * Choose

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Conversions provides accurate yet usable converting values in a variety of categories. It features

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Length Measurement Conversion

measurements. Choose from centimeter, meter, inch, foot, yard, mile and kilometer and convert it to any

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