Download Learning Anatomy A to Z Learning Anatomy  A to Z icon
Learning Anatomy A to Z

Learning Anatomy A to Z is an interactive reference and educational tool. Now it includes a rotating 3D presentation model organ! It contains all the systems of the anatomy of the body and has more than 500 points of features that can be interactive selection. Each feature point has its own label and description. The application also has the search…

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Download 400 बीमारी का इलाज 400 बीमारी का इलाज icon
400 बीमारी का इलाज

This kind of application helps you as a doctor .You will find home remedies for more than 400 diseases explained in very simple language. This app contains all disease category in hindi language and also their “Ayurvedic cure” description in hindi language. Ayurvedic Gharelu Upchar is your perfect companion when you need quick and natural remedie…

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Download ECG FlashCards ECG FlashCards icon
ECG FlashCards

Ever got confused with atrial flutter and fibrillation? What is the difference between Mobitz type I and II? The ECGs of cardiac arrhythmias are very confusing. Particularly so in Emergencies. This app contains ECGs of all types of cardiac arrhythmias for immediate reference. To avoid confusion all the ECGs are taken from rhythm strip (lead II), a…

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Download Health Benefits Of Onion Health Benefits Of Onion icon
Health Benefits Of Onion

Health Benefits Of Onion Download The Official FREE App In Android For Health Benefits Of Onion! 100 % Free and Works Offline. Cutting an onion will leave you teary and eating it will give you offensive breath – apart from these two drawbacks, onions are a treasure house of health and beauty benefits. Onions have anti-inflammatory, anti-allergi…

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Download Schwartz's ABSITE Review, 10/E Schwartz's ABSITE Review, 10/E icon
Schwartz's ABSITE Review, 10/E

The only review based on the field’s cornerstone text: Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery, Tenth Edition The premiere Q&A book in surgery returns for a tenth edition, featuring updated chapters corresponding directly to the classic Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery, Tenth Edition. This powerful review gives you hundreds of board-style questions l…

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Download qSOFA Score calculator qSOFA Score calculator icon
qSOFA Score calculator

Easy and fast tool to determine the qSOFA score of your patient. Included are links to the original publication, a link to the flowchart in that publication and a link to a Glasgow Coma Scale calculator to help you determine the possible altered mentation of your patient. The developer of this software is not affiliated with the organisation who cr…

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Download Suicide Suicide icon

Suicidal thoughts may seem like they will last forever - but these thoughts and feelings will pass over time. Having a plan in place that can guide you through the tough times can help you cope and keep you safe. This security plan is designed so that you can start at the beginning and continue through the steps until you feel safe. In addition…

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Download Brain Profiling - User Brain Profiling - User icon
Brain Profiling - User

“Brain Profiling” is an app that translates the phenomenology of psychiatric patients into their personalized brain-related diagnosis predicting the brain disturbance causing the illness in that patient. ‘Brain Profiling’ uses a cutting edge application that maps clinician assessments, patients complaints, sensors sampling, – all onto one commo…

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Download What my blood type prank What my blood type prank icon
What my blood type prank

What my Blood Type Prank is prank application to detects blood type ("A+","A-","B+","B-","O+","O-","AB+","AB-") scans the "Systolic" pressure,"Diastolic" pressure & "Pulse" Rate(Heart Rate). What my Blood Type Prank victimization your t…

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Download MyMedicineBox B2B MyMedicineBox B2B icon
MyMedicineBox B2B

MyMedicineBox is an online 2 offline marketplace for medicine. Connecting customers & medical stores & fulfilment centres nationwide. Brand USP · Bringing runway-inspired Healthcare to masses · Genuine quality at an affordable price · India's eminent online Health Store Successful Partnership After successfully achieving a smoo…

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Download Head Lice Head Lice icon
Head Lice

Head Lice app provides comprehensive information on head lice diseases. Best comprehensive overview covers symptoms and treatment of head lice r This application has been developed for everyone, all topics have been made to make it comprehensive, useful and interesting. The head louse (Pediculus humanus capitis) is an obligate ectoparasite of huma…

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Download NGS - Ngantri Gak Stress NGS - Ngantri Gak Stress icon
NGS - Ngantri Gak Stress

Aplikasi NGS - Ngantri Gak Stress (Cloud Queuing System) adalah sebuah aplikasi Android yang dapat mempermudah kita dalam mendapatkan nomor antrian, tanpa perlu datang ke lokasi pendafataran. Kita pun bisa lebih santai karena dapat memantau nomor antrian yang saat ini sedang dilayani.

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