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La app è stata creata per assistere il medico nello screening dell'iperaldosteronismo primario, una causa comune di ipertensione arteriosa, fornendo il calcolo dell'ARR (Aldosterone-Renin Ratio). Ciò è possibile partendo dalle diverse unità di misura sia della renina (plasma renin activity, PRA, o concentrazione della renina attiva, DRC) ch…

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Pocket Voice

UPDATE: February 2017 - Pocket Voice is now FREE. ========================================================================== Pocket Voice gives a voice to people who are unable to speak but who should be heard. Dakine Wave's Pocket Voice is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) aid. For many different and varied reasons, some p…

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Dawaa App is the best modern, up-to-date and comprehensive Egyptian drug index. Whether you wanted to search for a brand you don't know about or wanted to find an alternative, Dawaa will help you. Dawaa supports search by brand and scientific name. You're just few taps away from finding the next cheaper generic for the brand you're look…

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EEMCQ is a collection of over 900 multiple choice questions based on the successful 'Exploring Essential' series. Categories include Anatomy, Surgery, Orthopaedics, Medicine and Embryology - with more to follow. They are of varying difficulty that will suit both undergraduates and postgraduates.

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Leki u dzieci

Prosta aplikacja przeznaczona głównie dla ratowników medycznych i pielęgniarek ratunkowych. Jej zadaniem jest ułatwienie dawkowania leków stosowanych w stanach zagrożenia życia u dzieci. Dawki leków ustalono w oparciu o wytyczne Europejskiej Rady Resuscytacji 2010. Program podaje również rozmiar rurki intubacyjnej i maski krtaniowej, a także normy…

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Mobi Clinic - OPD management

Mobi Clinic is for doctors to store patient information, case study, reports and patient data. 1. Store patient information 2. Patient History 3. Medicine database 4. Case study - Height, weight, Complaints, Temp, Pulse, BP, KCO, RS, CVS, CND, LSK, Prescription and bill 5. Patient report-Store patient reports in image format 6. Barcode based patie…

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OGTherApp is an app that provides a quick summary of Medical Therapy in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. It fulfils the therapeutic requirements of 400 Diseases or Indications; it contains 2,200 drugs and 1,100 Active Ingredients. This App is intended for use by Obstetricians, Gynaecologists and General Practitioners. You can search a Therapy by: 1. D…

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Insulin Bolus Calculator

********** SUPPORT Please don't use the comments for support. Instead visit: We are happy to help you! ********** Insulin Bolus Calculator is a medical mobile application that calculates an estimated insulin bolus with active insulin to support your food intake or to correct a high blood glucose (BG). I…

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Dementia Updates

Keep informed about the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of dementia. Tags: dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, brain disorders, senile dementia, baby boomers, aging, mental health, mental disease. Developed by Tom Heston, MD - for Wardner Software -

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Breast Cancer Updates

Stay informed about the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer. Tags: breast cancer, cancer, female health, medicine, oncology, research. Developed by Tom Heston, MD - for Wardner Software -

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PFT Normal Values

Normal values for pulmonary function tests have changed over time. Currently, population normals from NHANES are the accepted normals for the United States. This program will calculate predicted and lower limit values for FEV1, FVC, FEV1/FVC and FEF25-75 based on NHANES equations. It can be used to get more accurate percent predicted values on s…

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Ob Wheel Extra data

** Requires Ob Wheel (Pro), available on Android Market. ** This plugin provides additional information to be displayed in Ob Wheel (Pro). The information displayed is related to the current gestational age as calculated by Ob Wheel. keywords: ob wheel, obwheel, pregnancy calculator, obstetrics

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