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    Download Game Guide : Megaman 1 Game Guide : Megaman 1 icon
    Game Guide : Megaman 1

    Megaman is a classic game from Capcom. Every gamers over 25 years must know. Difficult of old

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    Download Guide Megaman Legends 2 Guide Megaman Legends 2 icon
    Guide Megaman Legends 2

    Other characters includ and Sera, whose purposes remain unknown during the game's start as well

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    Download JellyMan free Platform Game JellyMan free Platform Game icon
    JellyMan free Platform Game

    classic platform games like Mega Man and Super Mario. The look and feel is a reminiscence to early 3D

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    Download GameStart Pixel Battle GameStart Pixel Battle icon
    GameStart Pixel Battle

    of Street Fighter VS MegaMan, to create our very own retro-styled game for this year's event. Watch out

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    Download GumDropHop GumDropHop icon

    Gum Drop Hop is a fun little platformer game. Jump on springs, collect coins, find hats and pop

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    Download gPad remote touchpad/keyboard gPad remote touchpad/keyboard icon
    gPad remote touchpad/keyboard

    extensions * Game cheat codes or key sequences * Any of your ideas! Extend your keyboard now! To use g

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    Download Guide Megaman X Guide Megaman X icon
    Guide Megaman X

    Cap-com " mobile apk games game on all consoles/platforms. Guide for Megaman X full text content

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    Download Jack's Ultimate Challenge Jack's Ultimate Challenge icon
    Jack's Ultimate Challenge

    Dashing: A to go up and B to go down ***This game is heavily influenced by the megaman games of the NES

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    Download OldSchool BatteryWidget (Free) OldSchool BatteryWidget (Free) icon
    OldSchool BatteryWidget (Free)

    games such as Zelda, Megaman(Pro Version), Chrono Trigger(Pro Version), Pokemon(Pro Version), Metal Gear

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    Download Gravity Boy Go! Gravity Boy Go! icon
    Gravity Boy Go!

    Looking for a fun, challenging, sometimes hard retro-inspired game? Try Gravity Boy Go!, a game

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    Download 2D Plaform: Defeat All Orcs 2D Plaform: Defeat All Orcs icon
    2D Plaform: Defeat All Orcs

    appearance and abilities. • Hidden locations to explore. • SNES style 2D platform game (like Mario, Megaman

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