Download Modem Wireless Switch Off Modem Wireless Switch Off icon
Modem Wireless Switch Off

With this simple application, you may switch on or off your modem's wireless communication

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Download Nexus 4 LTE Modem Flasher Nexus 4 LTE Modem Flasher icon
Nexus 4 LTE Modem Flasher

-to/enable-blazing-fast-lte-data-speeds-your-nexus-4-0150880/ Current features: *Choose and flash all of the available stock Nexus 4 modem images

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Download Wi-Li. Optical modem Wi-Li. Optical modem icon
Wi-Li. Optical modem

Optical wireless modem (digital and Morse code) for droids. Upgrade your droid another wireless

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Download OLD - Nexus 4 Modem Flasher OLD - Nexus 4 Modem Flasher icon
OLD - Nexus 4 Modem Flasher

New app listing https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.bpear.makomodem I lost some files required to sign updates. Because of this I am required to make a new listing for this app.. I am very sorry for the inconvenience. Because of this I have made the free version AD-free. I really appreciate any donations received from the donate vers…

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Download TechVizion Modem Diagnostics TechVizion Modem Diagnostics icon
TechVizion Modem Diagnostics

or troubleshooting cable modem service in the field. TechVizion Works in conjunction with TruVizion, the popular web

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Download The Old Modem App The Old Modem App icon
The Old Modem App

This is a fun app to bring you back to the old days of the internet when it took an hour to download a bad .gif file. Press the dial up button and let the nostalgia rain down upon you.

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Download Audio MODEM Audio MODEM icon

a simple MODEM algorithm to enable the user to send and receive short data messages (up to 250 bytes

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Download Kids Modem Kids Modem icon
Kids Modem

This is an app supporting an educational game for kids - a game that show how modem operates

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Download Dial Up Modem Sound Dial Up Modem Sound icon
Dial Up Modem Sound

If you're nostalgic about the old dial up modem and the slow 1990 internet, this app may

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Download Spacebits Android Tracker Spacebits Android Tracker icon
Spacebits Android Tracker

This app is the Android tracker for the Spacebits project. The goal for this project is to launch an High Altitude Balloon (HAB) with a computer probe to near space in Portugal. The Helium filled Balloon will go as high as 30.000 meters (that's about 100.000 feet), to the stratosphere, then explodes and the probe falls with a parachute and is r…

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Download HAB Modem and Tracker HAB Modem and Tracker icon
HAB Modem and Tracker

Ground tracking app for high altitude balloons, complete with RTTY modem, offline mapping, online

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