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    Mongol Duu МонголДуу MongolDuu

    Mongolduu.com NextGen Mobile App is here to make it easy for the Mongolian music lovers around the world to enjoy their favorite music on their Android phones. You can easily find and play the world famous Mongolian traditional throat singing songs, the urtiin duu - traditional folk long songs and many many more including the modern independent h…

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    Mongol sanhuuch

    Хүмүүс бид өдөр тутам ямар нэгэн зүйл худалдан авч байдаг. Гэвч бид хэзээ ямар зүйл авснаа тэр бүр санаад байдаггүй болохоор өөрсдийн зарлагаа бүрэн тооцоолж чаддаггүй. Бид өөрсдийн тооцоог гаргаснаар ямар зүйлд мөнгөө үрж байна, яаж хэмнэж болох вэ?, зэрэг зүйлийг мэдэж авах боломжтой болдог. Ингэснээр таны үр ашиггүй мөнгө үрэлт багасаж таны санх…

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    Download OnAir.mn OnAir.mn icon

    contents for Mongolians. onair.mn on-air.mn, mongolian live tv, mongol tv, tv mongol, television, tv uzeh

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    Download Mongol Input Keyboard Mongol Input Keyboard icon
    Mongol Input Keyboard

    Mongol Input Keyboard is very easy app to type in Mongol language with amazing themes. You

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    Download Үг Олох Монгол Тоглоом Mongol Үг Олох Монгол Тоглоом Mongol icon
    Үг Олох Монгол Тоглоом Mongol

    Үг олох, Үг эвлүүлэх Монгол хэл дээрх шинэ тоглоом. Word finder, word puzzle Mongolian language mobile game, by Asuult.NET 2014. Promoted by www.Mongolduu.com

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    Download 3D Mongolia Flag LWP 3D Mongolia Flag LWP icon
    3D Mongolia Flag LWP

    A top quality Mongolia flag live wallpaper! A perfect live wallpaper for celebrating Mongolia independence day or national day! Feel proud of your country? Let this Mongolia flag fly high in your phone! APP HIGHLIGHTS ============== ✔ Real OpenGL 3D animation! Not a video loop or animated gif! ✔ Fully interactive! Shake phone, blow wind or touch…

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    Download Mongol/Manchu Keyboard plugin Mongol/Manchu Keyboard plugin icon
    Mongol/Manchu Keyboard plugin

    /e) and consonants (t/d, k/g, sometimes ž/y) that were not required for Uyghur, which was the source of the Mongol

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    Download BCS Guide Bangla Literature BCS Guide Bangla Literature icon
    BCS Guide Bangla Literature

    # The History Bangla Literature. # Loko Sahitto. # Mongol Kabbo. # Romantic Bangla Sahitto

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    Download English To Mongol Dictionary English To Mongol Dictionary icon
    English To Mongol Dictionary

    This is English Mongolian and Mongolian English Dictionary containing 98000 translation articles. The Dictionary is OFFLINE and does not need the internet connection. This dictionary provides Mongolian meanings of 30,000+ English words. Main features: 1. History – every word you ever viewed is stored in history. 2. Favorites – you are able to add…

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    Download Golden Khan Slots Golden Khan Slots icon
    Golden Khan Slots

    Are you familiar with Genghis Khan’s empire? The Mongol who united the warring Mongol tribes

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    OnAir.mn Music

    Mongolian Music Streaming service by KhulanContent LLC mongolian music, mongol duu, duu hugjim

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