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    MoreLocale 2

    * NOTICE * After 4.2 new Jelly Bean, The protection level definition of CHANGE_CONFIGURATION has been changed. If you're able to use development tools, you can grant the permission manually by 'pm' command. If you have SuperUser privilege on your device. MoreLocale 2 could get the permission automatically. You can select more locales v…

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    Custom Locale

    Custom Locale allows you to modify the Locale of your Android device to anything you like. Features: - You can select a pre-defined Locale - You can create your own custom Locale - The chosen custom Locale is even applied after a reboot NOTE: Currently the application does not work with Android 4.2! Permissions: CHANGE_CONFIGURATION and WRITE_S…

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    Download Trade Accounting (TCU Mobile) Trade Accounting (TCU Mobile) icon
    Trade Accounting (TCU Mobile)

    Contains all the essential business operations. Invoices, Orders, Payments. Products and services. Purchasing and sales, money incomings and expences, customers orders. Inventory rests and mutual settlements are calculated automatically. Inventory history for any time period for any product or service. Intended for use in various businesses - haird…

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    Reduce Photo Size

    This app reduce photo file size(resize/crop image) for Email, Twitter, Facebook, etc . * There is no influence in original photo even if the photo is reduced with this. To change your language on apps, please change the language settings on android os. On Home screen (Menu button)-> settings -> language & keyboard If your language…

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    Set Local Setting

    Set Local Setting is an app which changes the locale (language/country/variant) of your Android device. This is useful if your preferred language is not included in your device. It's the same idea as existing apps such as MoreLocale2, Custom Locale, Set Locale and Language, etc., but with those apps, it's not easy to change to a locale whic…

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    TTS」 * When Japanese is not displayed, please try installation of "Morelocale2."

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    How Speaking Smoothly?

    How speaking smoothly? Confirm it in this game. The way to play is easy. Only speaks the displayed sentences. Droid hears it, and the pronunciation is checked and evaluated. When scoring high and low scoring, Droid do reaction. The utterance is called "Katsuzetsu" in Japan. Checking "Katsuzetsu" in Japan becomes popular. Let…

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