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MortPlayer Audio Books

Special media player for audio books. Separate folders, save+restore position for every track

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Download MortPlayer Music MortPlayer Music icon
MortPlayer Music

not return to the default one afterwards.) Write/delete external storage: For some internal files in \.MortPlayer

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Download MortPlayer Widgets MortPlayer Widgets icon
MortPlayer Widgets

Home Screen Widgets for MortPlayer Music and Audio Books. If both are installed and none is running

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Download Smart AudioBook Player Smart AudioBook Player icon
Smart AudioBook Player

The app is designed specially for playing audio books. Assumed that you have audiobooks and already

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Download Music Folder Player Free Music Folder Player Free icon
Music Folder Player Free

or audio books • Equalizer: - 4 customizable settings - 8 predefined settings like Bass Booster, Vocal

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Download LibriVox Downloader LibriVox Downloader icon
LibriVox Downloader

to the LibriVox folder on your SD card / external storage. You should set MortPlayer Audio Book to use

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Download Audiobook 303 Audiobook 303 icon
Audiobook 303

| Audiobuch | Buku audio | Audioknjiga | 有聲書 | オーディオブック | 오디오북 | ספר מוקלט Audio Books | Gapless playback

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Download Earpiece Earpiece icon

Listen to audio books and music through your phone's earpiece when you don't have earphones

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Download AB Repeat Player AB Repeat Player icon
AB Repeat Player

AB Repeating (repeating user defined part of audio or between A and B points), Jump, Bookmarks

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Download Ginkgo Audiobook Player Ginkgo Audiobook Player icon
Ginkgo Audiobook Player

Ginkgo Audio Book Player is an audio player with special features for audio book listening

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Download Astro Player (old) Astro Player (old) icon
Astro Player (old)

This version is outdated. It is legacy build intended only for users who installed it. You can find the new version of Astro Player at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.astroplayer

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Download Moty Folder Player Moty Folder Player icon
Moty Folder Player

This is simple folder-based music player widget. Add this widget to your home screen from widgets list after installation. It has no app screen, and does not appear in the application list. It plays music files in the order of file name and folder name, that are included in the home folder and subfolders. Recommended to user who will not need albu…

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