"music amplifier"

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    MP3 Amplifier

    Amplifies your MP3 files from low tones to high.

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    Download Volume Amplifier Booster x2 Volume Amplifier Booster x2 icon
    Volume Amplifier Booster x2

    the volume of your device to twice normal? Now with "Volume Boosters x2" you can amplify the sound

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    Download Equalizer FX Equalizer FX icon
    Equalizer FX

    of listening music. The application Equalizer FX lets you adjust the sound effect levels so you can get

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    Download YouTube Music YouTube Music icon
    YouTube Music

    The person way to listen to music without breaking the bank..

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    Download Amplifier Volume Max Boost Amplifier Volume Max Boost icon
    Amplifier Volume Max Boost

    phone volume for all sound streams (music, voice, alarm, system). You can easily increase your phone

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    Download Volume Amplifier and Booster Volume Amplifier and Booster icon
    Volume Amplifier and Booster

    . Features Of Volume Amplifier And Booster : - Add Equalizer Features In The Application For Music Booster

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    Download Bass Booster Bass Booster icon
    Bass Booster

    - no hassle with custom presets ✓ runs in background - close the app and still enjoy the amplified bass

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    Download Equalizer - Music Bass Booster Equalizer - Music Bass Booster icon
    Equalizer - Music Bass Booster

    a powerful bass amplifier. This Equalizer for Android will play your music with live music stereo LED VU

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