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PressRooms App is an innovative and user-friendly aggregator of official press releases from global Governmental and inter-Governmental players. It aggregates on a real-time basis all publications made by the most relevant Press Offices of the world, including the White House, the Kremlin, China, India, the United Nations, the IMF, the World Bank,…

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* is officially launched for all android phones. * But by our method you get this free of cost. JIO SIM * If you are going to store agents to purchase jio sim * then they ask for 4G Support device. * If you don’t have selected samsung or apple mobile phone * then you get free sim With this steps from my jio tricks app.... i'm A Student An…

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Download World News Streamer World News Streamer icon
World News Streamer

World News Streamer is a news streaming application that was developed to keep you informed on the latest topics such as business, movies, science, technology, sports and food. Download World News Streamer and stay informed. 8f52fdf4da

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Download News Beat India - News Radio News Beat India - News Radio icon
News Beat India - News Radio

If you visit news websites often, but do not have time to read all the great news articles, this app is for you. This app reads aloud news articles from top Indian news websites. Listen to it while you go about your daily routine in the morning, while you travel and while you are at office. What's more, you can listen to light music if you…

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Download Chess games Europe tournaments Chess games Europe tournaments icon
Chess games Europe tournaments

This amazing chess games Europe tournaments app is a playable chess magazine, ads supported, with all games of the four European International Chess tournaments viz: Wijk aan Zee 2014,Zurich, Bronstein and Khanty-Mansiysk and World Chess Championship candidates . Playing with the Chess games Europe tournaments app is a good way to play all these…

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Download Election News 2016 Election News 2016 icon
Election News 2016

ACI Presidential Election 2016 ACI's complete guide to the 2016 Elections. Follow all the news from top news agencies and get up-to-the-minute alerts on breaking news. Follow all of the candidates for both the Democratic and Republican nominations, and keep up with all the issues that matter to you. Unlike most political apps, ACI aggregates…

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Download Professional Pastors Magazine Professional Pastors Magazine icon
Professional Pastors Magazine

The Professional Pastors Magazine was created to provide tools, tips, resources, and empowerment for readers and viewers. This is an affiliate of our Saint Petersburg Global Ministries. The Professional Pastors Magazine provides these tools in healthy living, Christian blogs and article, business, Christian news, and much more. This Magazine bring…

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Barracuda News

Try the latest news app: Barracuda News! Browse categories such as Sports, Business, US, Science, Technology, Gaming, and more! This is sure to become your favorite news app with its beautiful modern design, customization options, and speed. Don't just take our opinion for it, try it for yourself and experience #BarracudaNews !

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Download Election Central Election Central icon
Election Central

Voting is one of our must important responsibilities. Election Central provides you with the information needed to make an informed decision. Learn about the candidates and their positions. Access poll results, news, delegate counts and election memorabilia.

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Download Goal pro Goal pro icon
Goal pro

GOAL PRO tu app de noticias deportivas, pronto nueva actualización compatible con Android wear y mucho más. Estar atentos. Tus noticias deportivas con GOAL PRO.

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FeedR News Reader

Powerful feed reader with optional Feedly Integration. Search & preview feeds; read offline with images, mobile view, customizable interface. rss|atom|podcasts News reader for RSS/Atom feeds equipped with Feed Search and other great features. Simply search for keywords or site name (e.g. 'sports news' or 'cnn'), tap the result…

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Download Frontpage News Frontpage News icon
Frontpage News

Tired of the single country news applications? Get international news from the front page headlines. Click on the neat links to see the front pages of international news corporations. Simplicity and summary in one place.

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