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No Nukes

: Awesome background Music and sound effects ■■■■■ HOW TO PLAY ■■■■■ Touch nukes icons before they come

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Nuke Armaggedon

Protect the city from a nuclear attack! Use the missile defense of the city, bonuses, your dexterity and accuracy to hold out as long as possible. Earn points on destroying missiles and become a leader in the global league table! Remake familiar to many game Missile Commander in minimalist style and its own characteristics. In the game you will…

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Nuke Commander Lite

achievements on your quest to rid the Earth of all those pesky humans. Nuke Commander features a zooming

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NukeBlast - Nuclear explosion

Want to know the effects of a nuclear explosion on your home town? With this app you can find out how much damage a nuclear weapon would cause. Shows the level of destruction and affected area that would be caused if the bomb was dropped by a ground-level detonation. This nuclear weapon effects calculator projects the different type of damage ove…

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Download Japan Nuke Zone SAFETY + GPS Japan Nuke Zone SAFETY + GPS icon
Japan Nuke Zone SAFETY + GPS

1.2 mb app / uses internet to calculate distances. Measure the exact distance to any nuclear site listed within the app in seconds. Read meteorology information for jetstream direction and fallout intel. Have the application speak your exact location even though nothing is left standing to identify where you are as well as display your address o…

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Download Cube of Duty: Nuke Mission Cube of Duty: Nuke Mission icon
Cube of Duty: Nuke Mission

Blast zombies and lava creatures to oblivion in Cube of Duty: Nuke Mission. This extreme world

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Download Naked Browser Pro / NB Pro Naked Browser Pro / NB Pro icon
Naked Browser Pro / NB Pro

I want everyone who purchases this web browser to be happy with it so please try the free version. It will help you become familiar with how this Pro version works: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fevdev.nakedbrowser Free version also available from the free version web site. PLEASE EMAIL ME Please email me with any bug reports o…

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Nation's Fury

War Inc. is a modern combat military game of skill and world domination! Command your army to glory in this epic war game! Deploy powerful towers, create an advanced military force, and conquer your enemies as you clash in battle against thousands of players! In War Inc., you build an army of fast-paced modern Marines and Snipers, and command hea…

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Download Beat Da Nuke Phrase Game Beat Da Nuke Phrase Game icon
Beat Da Nuke Phrase Game

The game is similar to the popular game Catch Phrase© with a twist. If the counter on the nuclear war head counts down before your team mate guesses the phrase, boom the war head goes off! This game supports up to 4 teams with a minimum of 2. A team consists of at least 2 people. The point of the game is to get your team mate to say the word/phr…

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Download Lone Wanderer : Nuke Wasteland Lone Wanderer : Nuke Wasteland icon
Lone Wanderer : Nuke Wasteland

Test your surviving skills in nuclear wasteland result of apocalypse fallout, complete the quests, improve your skills. This nuclear fallout has turned land into complete wasteland where numbers of different infected, mutants roam around. mercenaries have occupied spaces, brawlers, scavenge will kill you if they find you. Top Features: - A truly d…

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Nuke the Whales

The ultra-addicting mega fun game from Ten Rabbits Studios is here! JUST KEEP SWIMMING Endless gameplay ensures non-stop action for all ages! ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Made from carbon-neutral coding algorithms to ensure sustainable stability for real-life whales. SHARE WITH FRIENDS Twitter® and Facebook® support for you and your friends. Share h…

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Nuke Commander

achievements on your quest to rid the Earth of all those pesky humans. Nuke Commander features a zooming

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