"papel de parede animado"

Download Aquarium Arowana LWP Aquarium Arowana LWP icon
Aquarium Arowana LWP

This live wallpaper consists of 8 different arowana fish. The arowana fishes are animated in a 3D hexahedron with some cool effect that you can customize. Multiple background effect of water bubble and shinning dot. There are a lots of options for you to make changes to the live wallpaper. List of features:- * Double tap screen to toggle animat…

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Download Dragon Live Wallpaper Dragon Live Wallpaper icon
Dragon Live Wallpaper

Cute cartoon monsters on your desktop! Download Dragon Live Wallpaper and customize your phone with lovely background of adorable fictional beings! Whenever you tap on the screen, new lovely creatures appear. You will not be able to resist the sight of a smiling dragon on your screen! Choose your favorite adorable creature and create an army of man…

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Download ACE: Stars Warp Galaxy ACE: Stars Warp Galaxy icon
ACE: Stars Warp Galaxy

ACE: Stars Warp Galaxy Live Wallpaper by bipmo Tattoo your mobile with stellar motion. A constellation of light and color on your mobile! This beautiful starfield 3D animated live wallpaper simulates warping stars moving towards you at warp speed. The cartoonist stars create a 3D effect as they zoom out and change colors on the star field wallpa…

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Download Dancing girl Live Wallpaper Dancing girl Live Wallpaper icon
Dancing girl Live Wallpaper

This is animated live wallpaper with beautiful dancing girl, you will love it! Installation instructions: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers Scroll down the list, find out the wallpaper and setup it. Note: It is live wallpaper so you can't open the app, you will need to follow the instruction above in order to set the wal…

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Download Birds Live wallpaper Birds Live wallpaper icon
Birds Live wallpaper

Get wonderful BIRDS LIVE WALLPAPER FREE app and make your phone funny and interesting! These colorful exotic birds seesaw on a tree branch and look so cute. The two toucans are ideal for your home screen when you install them as animated wallpaper. ============================================================ How to install: Home -> Press Menu…

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Download Tiny Monster Live Wallpaper Tiny Monster Live Wallpaper icon
Tiny Monster Live Wallpaper

Tiny Monster Live Wallpaper is the cutest moving wallpaper FREE app! This monster high quality live wallpaper can help push you into a positive mood and warm up your heart. Download this lively animated wallpaper and enjoy this winking tiny monster! ============================================================ How to install: Home -> Press Menu…

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Download Valentine Heart 3D Valentine Heart  3D icon
Valentine Heart 3D

This animated wallpaper is perfect for Valentine's Day, but not just for this if you have a picture of something or someone you like you can put it on a 3D heart. Moving between desktops makes heart rotate faster. Additionally, you can change the layout hearts in the background, you can modify the speed of movement, rotation, size, and other p…

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Download 3D Pirate Flag 3D Pirate Flag icon
3D Pirate Flag


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Download Lightning Storm Live Wallpaper Lightning Storm Live Wallpaper icon
Lightning Storm Live Wallpaper

Lightning is a massive random atmospheric electrostatic discharge due to massive unbalanced electric charge buildup in the atmosphere. Lightning can be either cloud to cloud or cloud to ground and is accompanied by the loud sound of thunder. Some lightning strikes have caused either numerous fatalities or great damage. The following is a partial li…

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Download Sakura Live Wallpaper Sakura Live Wallpaper icon
Sakura Live Wallpaper

Enjoy beautiful “cherry blossoms” brought to you by Sakura Live Wallpaper! Whenever you tap on the screen, new cherry flowers appear! Customize your phone with amazing pink and red blossoms of astounding Japanese cherry! Choose your favorite flowery background and let yourself be drawn away by the beauty of lovely buds and gardens in bloom! Enjoy t…

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Download Cute Cartoon Wallpapers Cute Cartoon Wallpapers icon
Cute Cartoon Wallpapers

Super Cute Anime and cartoon wallpapers, including famous korean illustration, Japanese anime style themes, cute bears, popular anime characters, handdraw themes, sweet and cute little girls, beautiful scene, etc. All are HD and with great quality. Very carefully chosen from many cartoon themes and photography Best gallery of pictures for anime fa…

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Download Spring Live Wallpaper Spring Live Wallpaper icon
Spring Live Wallpaper

‘You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming.’ Download Spring Live Wallpaper and enjoy the rebirth of Nature! Whenever you tap on the screen, new flowers and leaves appear! It is like creating your own spring whenever you want to! You don’t have to wait until winter passes to enjoy the beauties of the most beautiful season o…

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