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Download JPCSIM - PC Windows Simulator JPCSIM - PC Windows Simulator icon
JPCSIM - PC Windows Simulator

to post, from installation to desktop and even simulates some computer program, but NEVER emulates it. You

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Download PcRemote PcRemote icon

PCRemote (Android version, free and no AD) Emulate PC's keyboard & mouse

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Download VideoGames Trivia VideoGames Trivia icon
VideoGames Trivia

) or actual games (actual PC games, or consoles like playstation 3, ps2, microsoft xbox 360, nintendo wii

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Download GSM Modem Emulator GSM Modem Emulator icon
GSM Modem Emulator

Use your Android phone as a GSM modem to send and receive SMS messages from a PC or server

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Download my Control (PC) my Control (PC) icon
my Control (PC)

The myControl app enables the wireless control of a remote PC (Windows or Linux) via a wifi

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Download eMule Remote eMule Remote icon
eMule Remote

This app allows you to control eMule (www.emule-project.net) running on your PC, it's

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Download ConSoul - PC Emulator ConSoul - PC Emulator icon
ConSoul - PC Emulator

Relive your youth and play your favourite old DOS games using this PC emulator. ConSoul comes

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Download Spectaculator, ZX Emulator Spectaculator, ZX Emulator icon
Spectaculator, ZX Emulator

computers ever made - the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Spectaculator is a Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator

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Download PhoneYourPC (Lite) PhoneYourPC (Lite) icon
PhoneYourPC (Lite)

The smoothest remote desktop on Android ! PhoneYourPC makes you remote your PC with smooth screen

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Download Remote for PC Remote for PC icon
Remote for PC

emulation), ✓ Mouse and Keyboard ✓ Powerpoint RC. ✓ File Explorer You can completely control your PC's

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Download PcRemote Advance PcRemote Advance icon
PcRemote Advance

PcRemote Advance version with RemoteSensors (Android version) Emulate PC's keyboard & mouse

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Download ExaGear Strategies ExaGear Strategies icon
ExaGear Strategies

ExaGear Strategies is an emulator for Android which allows you to run PC games on Android devices

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