Download Web Pentest with Kali Linux Web Pentest with Kali Linux icon
    Web Pentest with Kali Linux

    Kali is a Debian Linux based Penetration Testing arsenal used by security professionals (and others) to perform security assessments. Kali offers a range of tool sets customized for identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in systems. This book is written leveraging tools available in Kali Linux released March 13th, 2013 as well as other open sou…

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    Download Android Pentesting Tutorials Android Pentesting Tutorials icon
    Android Pentesting Tutorials

    The App contains some informative sources and basic guide towards android pentesting and Security

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    Download Learn BackTrack Learn BackTrack icon
    Learn BackTrack

    on ✔ Introduction 1 for pentesting with backtrack ✔ Introduction 2 for pentesting with Backtrack ✔ Cyber ethics

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    Download Nipper - Toolkit Web Scan Nipper - Toolkit Web Scan icon
    Nipper - Toolkit Web Scan

    permission. Compatible from 3.0 to Android 5.1. From pentester pentester To, Nipper.

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    Download Telnet Client (TCP/IP) Telnet Client (TCP/IP) icon
    Telnet Client (TCP/IP)

    for communication, as well as for security- and pentesting purposes. For Networkers this application is definitely

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    Download NetAudit tcp port scanner NetAudit tcp port scanner icon
    NetAudit tcp port scanner

    scanner, tcp scanner, tcp scan, port scan, port scanner, network, security, lan, pentests, hacker, hacking

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    Download Kali Linux Guide Kali Linux Guide icon
    Kali Linux Guide

    -a best OS for Pentesting and Hacking. Using this app,you will be able to get the knowledge of all

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    Download Bug Hunters Diary App Bug Hunters Diary App icon
    Bug Hunters Diary App

    to be in Web App Pentesting and Security Research. ! This app will provide you all the resources at one place

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    Download CDI CDI icon

    best research analysis results. More than 50 of us - Web app pentesters ,network pentesters , reverse

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    Download Bluetooth Scanner - btCrawler Bluetooth Scanner - btCrawler icon
    Bluetooth Scanner - btCrawler

    during a pentest or ethical hacking. This tool can scan for surrounding visible bluetooth devices

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    Download Eir Eir icon

    the other way around) * Wifi Pentest (for own network only!) * Local WebServer * Surveillance camera * VR

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    Download ZeroNights ZeroNights icon

    specialists, administrators, ISOs and CISOs, pen-testers, programmers and everyone who is interested

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