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BTHF PowerSave

While incoming/outgoing call switches on phone's bluetooth module and finds previously paired BT hands free/headset. Incoming call connection can last up to 15 seconds. Outgoing calls are connected almost immediately. Please report bugs via email.

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Power Saver Free

Power Saver is a free application which provides users an easy way to improve battery life. When battery is low it turns off blue-tooth,wifi and made some power saving techniques. Also it allows you to control and customize power saving settings, it gives easy access to on/off controls for blue-tooth,wifi.It allows you to select and kill running t…

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PowersaverClock Radio Alarm

PowersaverClock is an highly customizable alarm clock which contains some power saving options

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Battery Boost Powersaver

. Introducing one of our best utility apps, Battery Boost Powersaver. We help you manage and save your battery

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Ultimate Power/Battery Saver

This application will permit you to save the maximum battery by stopping which is no longer necessary when the screen is off (wifi, 3G, etc. ..). Up to 3 days without charging your phone. It can also manage the CPU to save more battery (phone Roote required for this function only). A battery indicator can also be displayed in the notification ba…

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WIFI Power Saver

Don't drain your battery by forgetting to turn off Wifi. Save battery by having this minimal application automatically turn off your wifi/wlan when there is no network available. Wifi Power Saver itself only runs when your wifi/wlan state changes so it does hardly use any battery at all. Example 1: You are at home where you have a wifi/wlan co…

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Power Saving

ver 1.1.0 - Added GPS setting. *Verification Android 2.3.2 - Added templates of setting. - Added [Save And Close]Button, when you change setting. This app is toggle setting for power saving. Silent mode, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and so on app switcher. You can change the settings in combination depending on the situation. - Setting Items ・Wi-fi ・B…

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Root Powersaver

**** WARNING! REQUIRES ROOT! **** Root Powersaver is your #1 application for battery saving! It

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Download Battery Saver - Bataria Battery Saver - Bataria icon
Battery Saver - Bataria

Battery Saver + Active Applications Manager (task manager) Bataria is a simple battery saver application, designed to save your battery's life when you most need it. Battery Widget: Add Bataria widget with Menu > Add > Widgets > Bataria With this new version of Bataria you can now move your device easily into power save mode wit…

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CPU tuner (Rooted phones)

CPU tuner gives you control over the power consumption of your android device. Its prime purpose is to be a battery saver and to save as much battery as possible, but it can be used to overclock at the same time (if the kernel of your device supports it). Depending on triggers (based on the battery) different profiles are loaded. Each trigger has…

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Super Task Killer-Fast Booster

and shows remaining usage time ► Power-saving Mode: You can customize various power-saving modes or choose

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Download AnTuTu CPU Master (Free) AnTuTu CPU Master (Free) icon
AnTuTu CPU Master (Free)

faster and simple. CPU Master feature: + Speed up your processor + Powersave battery (speed down)

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