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    Broken Screen Prank

    Be noted: Broken Screen is just a prank/simulated app used for fun, it simulates the broken screen

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    Download Destroy Iphone Prank Destroy Iphone Prank icon
    Destroy Iphone Prank

    !!Attention, attention!! Want to try the most addictive and relaxing thing, Iphone destroying? With our app Destroy Iphone, you will be able to cut and crack screen with the knife, strike and break screen with the hammer and shoot Iphone with the gun. Come on, try your best to destroy Iphone in any exciting way. Key Feature: ✔ We provide several w…

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    Prank Pack

    A total of 14 pranks in 1! 7 free and 7 to unlock! Prank Pack is a set of the best funny prank apps

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    Download Fingerprint LockScreen Prank Fingerprint LockScreen Prank icon
    Fingerprint LockScreen Prank

    a simulated app used for fun. Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank is an awesome screen lock app which unlock your

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    Download Internet Booster Prank Internet Booster Prank icon
    Internet Booster Prank

    is only for entertainment purposes. This is a prank application that does not increase Internet speed. We

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    Download Prank Trimmer Prank Trimmer icon
    Prank Trimmer

    Hair Trimmer Prank – The Ultimate Prank! Scare your friends by pretending to shave their hair off

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    Download Scary Pranks Scary Pranks icon
    Scary Pranks

    . "Broken glass" - Set the prank and give your device to your friend. Look at his face when he

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    Download Human X Ray Scanner (Prank) Human X Ray Scanner (Prank) icon
    Human X Ray Scanner (Prank)

    a solution . This is a prank app to get fun and trick your friends. XRay Scan application is a prank fake

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    Download Know Your Future Baby Prank Know Your Future Baby Prank icon
    Know Your Future Baby Prank

    This application will help you imagine how will your future baby. Introducing a picture of father and other of the mother from your gallery of images of the smartphone, this application will generate a random image as may be your future baby. Pass a fun time and make your imagination run wild with this application joke. Contains advertising applica…

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