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Mr Green

Mr Green Home Services is a nationwide franchise-based company that was established in 1992, and is 100% Kiwi owned and developed. A Wellington lawnmowing contarctor named Tom Trapp at the time was a independent lawnmowing contractor with one lawnmowing round. He came home after a hard days work covered in grass and his wife advised him he looked…

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AIR21 Mobile provides real-time status of your shipment right at your fingertips. It shows detailed tracking updates on the location and status of the delivery. A proof-of-delivery status (POD) with a clear view of the signature of the recipient. It works with any device that supports Android 4.0 and above. This app requires an Internet connectio…

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Android Web Editor Lite

Best Web Editor on Android. Try my new app for web developers. It's Android Web Editor on steroids! ! Android Web Editor Lite - a unique mobile software for web developing. It allows you to create your own html, php, javascript and other pages or edit already existing. You can p…

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EnergyKey is EMT Nordic’s software product suite especially developed for the energy and environment sectors. EnergyKey is used by utility companies, private companies and public companies to handle central business processes connected to energy and environmental data.

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Since 1998, UniWin® is trendsetting in the area of Industrial Weighing. Therefor it is not more than logic that we are the first to introduce mobile industrial weighing Apps. UniMobile for Android is a remote application that allows weighing or scaling of vehicles and/or goods using your Android phone or tablet. UniMobile is free of charge and fu…

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The Testworx Electrical is a mobile application specifically designed to help Electricians, Tradespeople and Service Technicians on the field. This cutting-edge mobile app makes the task of collecting electrical test information rapid and accurate. Use this mobile app for creating an electrical test certificate report to confirm that the electrical…

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Quick Chippy Pro

Quick Chippy Pro - The Carpenters App 1-year subscription for $12.99 Download the Ultimate work tool!! Australia's number one carpentry app has gone Pro! Now with many more features, to make your day on site a little bit easier, and a lot more enjoyable! New features include: - Free Trial- Includes a 14 day Free Trial so you can jump in…

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HTML Editor Paid

This version only removes the advertisements from the free advertisements based version. This is just a simple HTML editor with shortcut buttons to type for you some of the tags like: * Paragraph * Bold, Underline, Italic * Image * Center * Horizontal row and Line break. * URL address * Table, Table Row , and Table Data * Bullet buttons ( and ) *…

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Divorce Calendar+

A quick and easy to use calendar application that provides different calendar views that are easy to switch between so you can visualize your events in the way that is most helpful to you. Fast and easy to use for adding new events and finding upcoming ones. Keep track of your divorce. Initial templates provided for court, attorney, mediation,…

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OpenTodoList is an open source task manager and note taking application. Organize todo lists, notes and images in libraries. These libraries are stored locally on the device as simple files by default, ensuring that you remain in control what happens with your data. However, you can use any sync service (such as the Foldersync app) to synchronize…

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When it is me , " this a little I want to note " , simply do not leave a note in the text memo? As a widget on the home screen , it is swollen text memo in the sticky feeling . Petapeta Series third edition, Petapeta Text Memo!! If you have , such as there is a hope and trouble to add this kind of functionality , I hope you are able to…

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