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PD Measure | Pupil Distance

for Pupillary Distance, is the distance between the center of your pupils in millimeters. This measurement

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Distance and Parallax

between the eyes and the pencil d, the distance between the eyes’ pupils LR and can approximate

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GlassesOn | Lenses & Pupils

, including sphere, cylinder (astigmatism), axis, and PD (pupillary distance). Who can use the GlassesOn app

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Distance2Meter camera measure

Camera measure: Distance2Meter is a camera measure tool that uses a phone camera for quick and easy

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Pupil Meter

Pupil Meter - Are you buying glasses online? Accurately measure your pupillary distance (p

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PDMirror - Pupillary Distance

. Aligning two circular marks on both pupils, customers are able to find their Pupillary Distance

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Partometer - camera measure

Partometer is a handy app for measurements using camera. You can perform measurements on photos and pictures using known size objects, like credit cards, coins, or any custom object of known size. You can measure dimensions, length, irregular shaped areas, perimeter, angles, ratio, arc and radius of circular objects, measure pixels on images. The…

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DukeBox Radio

principal means of uniting pupils from these diverse schools, therefore bridging the private/state sector

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Is a educational software apps training spatial competencies. Pupils will use these apps to improve

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Eagle Video Wallpaper

and powerful claws. They also have extremely keen eyesight that allows them to find prey at a distance

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Flying Eagle Live Wallpaper

in proportion to their heads and have extremely large pupils. Eagles' eyes have a million light

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