"put phone to sleep"

Download Baby Sleep Instant Baby Sleep Instant icon
Baby Sleep Instant

as a lullaby than tones, music or sing. To start using Sleep Baby Instant put your phone to a hearing distance

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Download Sounds for Baby Sleep Music Sounds for Baby Sleep Music icon
Sounds for Baby Sleep Music

You and your baby fall asleep quickly! Just put your phone nearby the bed and turn on lullaby

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Download Thunderstorm Sleep sound Thunderstorm Sleep sound icon
Thunderstorm Sleep sound

once more. -Close your eyes, put on a headphone , touch this application, put the device to sleep

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Download White Noise ~ Sleep Well White Noise ~ Sleep Well icon
White Noise ~ Sleep Well

the app in background and with other apps. Put the timer to go to sleep and the app closes by itself.

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Download Sleep Cute Baby Lullaby Sleep Cute Baby Lullaby icon
Sleep Cute Baby Lullaby

The app will help you put your infant children to sleep quickly and calmly. After the installation

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Download Sleep Sounds Sleep Sounds icon
Sleep Sounds

Stop insomnia – this is a sleep app which contains sleeping music that will make you sleepy

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Download Children Sleep Songs Children Sleep Songs icon
Children Sleep Songs

baby apps and enjoy soothing and relaxing sounds for sleeping any time! Place your phone by the cradle

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Download Sleep Music and Sounds Sleep Music and Sounds icon
Sleep Music and Sounds

Sleep Music and Sounds free and get your beauty sleep with relaxing music, white noise, rain sounds

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Download Relaxing Music Sleep Sounds Relaxing Music Sleep Sounds icon
Relaxing Music Sleep Sounds

You have insomnia and you're constantly feeling tired? You need a sleep aid for your newborn

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Download Relax Music & Sleep Cycle Relax Music & Sleep Cycle icon
Relax Music & Sleep Cycle

cycle every day with astonished chart graphic,just put your phone next or under your pillow

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Download Family Locator-Device Manager Family Locator-Device Manager icon
Family Locator-Device Manager

View on your phone or tablets; (2) Login this app using your gmail account; (3) Put the app in the background

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Download Baby Lullaby Songs to Sleep Baby Lullaby Songs to Sleep icon
Baby Lullaby Songs to Sleep

songs to help you put your baby to sleep. You can use this sleeping music for various purposes – play

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