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Qi Gong Meditation Relaxation

LEARN TO RELAX WITH THESE RELAXATION METHODS! Please email problems or suggestions. We are listening and want to provide a quality app. CONTAINS: ***Articles about: --meditation & relaxation --managing stress --cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) ***Qi Gong meditation videos (link to Excel At Life's YouTube channel) ***Relaxati…

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Qigong Massage: Self Massage

Same video lessons as the DVD for much less! Heal yourself with acupressure, or qigong massage

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Qigong Meditation (YMAA)

Stream or download this qigong meditation lesson with this 60-minute video app. A 2014 study

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Qigong Massage: Partner

Same video lessons as the DVD for much less! Learn acupressure, or qigong massage, with two hours

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Stop Panic & Anxiety Self-Help

LEARN TO CONTROL PANIC AND GET RELIEF FROM ANXIETY Self-Help for Panic Disorder The info in this app assumes that the user is suffering from panic attacks due to Panic Disorder. It may not be applicable to other forms of anxiety. It focuses on the fear of having a panic attack and the fear of the sensations when having a panic. CONTAINS ***Artic…

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Qigong for Arthritis Relief

Stream or download qigong video lessons to heal your Arthritis symptoms permanently. • Get

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Qi-Gong Lite

Learn how to develop your life power and serenity by working on your Qi. Experience well-being and longevity with a millenarian energetic Chinese technique. Following the teacher instructions you will benefit from both mental and body relaxation. Our teacher has trained with Shaolin monks and will explain all the details of the technique so that y…

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Qigong Keypoints Video Lesson

Watch these fascinating streaming videos to learn the key points to make your Qigong practice more

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Qigong for Women (YMAA)

qigong video lessons. • Free sample videos and I.A.P. Qigong Master Lisa B. O'Shea teaches you

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