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Download Radiation Alarm Radiation Alarm icon

Radiation Alarm

Turn your Android device into real ionizing radiation detector! It is...

Similar app: Radioactivity Counter

Free | 6.6 513

6.6 Users
Download Radiation Detector Radiation Detector icon

Radiation Detector

Radiation cannot be detected by human senses. A variety of handheld an...

Similar app: Unit Converter

Free | 5.8 86

5.8 Users
Download Lie Detector Simulator Lie Detector Simulator icon

Lie Detector Simulator

Radioactive Lie Detector Simulator is a fun fingerprint scanning utili...

Similar app: Lie Detector FREE

Free | 7.8 311

7.8 Users
Download EMF Hazards Detector EMF Hazards Detector icon

EMF Hazards Detector

There's a heated debate as to what electromagnetic field (EMF) lev...

Similar app: Ultimate EMF Detector Free

Free | 7.8 264

7.8 Users
Download Radiation Map Tracker Radiation Map Tracker icon

Radiation Map Tracker

Concerned about nuclear radiation levels, due to fallout from damaged...

Similar app: Radiation Alarm

$0.99 | 6.8 29

6.8 Users
Download RealTime Radiation Detector RealTime Radiation Detector icon

RealTime Radiation Detector

Real-time location information based on radioactive widget nearest to...

Similar app: Korea Radiation

Free | 7.8 15

7.8 Users
Download ENF & Metal Detector (Free) ENF & Metal Detector (Free) icon

ENF & Metal Detector (Free)

This is a wonderful App that is capable of detecting Electromagnetic F...

Similar app: EMF & Metal Detector (Pro)

Free | 6.6 40

6.6 Users
Download Taiwan Gamma Detector Taiwan Gamma Detector icon

Taiwan Gamma Detector

The environmental gamma radiation detection provided by Atomic Energy...

Similar app: GammaGuard Complete

Free | 7.6 10

7.6 Users
Download EMF & Metal Detector (Pro) EMF & Metal Detector (Pro) icon

EMF & Metal Detector (Pro)

This is an Ad free Version. This is a wonderful App that is capable o...

Similar app: ENF & Metal Detector (Free)

₹60.00 | 6 1

6 Users
Download GammaGuard Complete GammaGuard Complete icon

GammaGuard Complete

- Uses the Phone's Camera to Detect Radiation. No External Detecto...

Similar app: Radioactivity Counter

Free | 8.2 19

8.2 Users
Download GS Ecotest GS Ecotest icon

GS Ecotest

The “GS Ecotest” application and the “Gamma Sapiens” portable radiatio...

Similar app: Virtuoso

Free | 7.4 226

7.4 Users
Download Pocket Geiger Pocket Geiger icon

Pocket Geiger

This is special software for PocketGeiger Type3, to turn your Android...

Similar app: Pocket Geiger Type6 (USB) Lite

Free | 7.2 440

7.2 Users

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