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Reader´s Digest Deutschland

Experience Reader’s Digest Germany, Europe’s most read magazine, now available in digital format

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Reader's Digest

Reader's Digest is packed with inspiring stories, must-read tips, fascinating facts, great

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Tech Digest

in the fastest way possible. Tech Digest is a RSS Feed Reader but unlike other news reader apps, it will bring

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Reader's Digest International

The world's best-loved magazine No wonder this is the world's most widely read magazine. Hard-hitting, thought-provoking and entertaining, with unforgettable stories in each issue. This magazine is packed with features short enough to read in one sitting, but stimulating enough to keep you thinking for days.

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Dosecast - Medication Reminder

Simple magazine, Reader's Digest, About.com, Fierce Mobile Healthcare, and iMedicalApps.com. Remember

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Bangla Tech Digest

the most famous Tech News blogs and sites with your mobile in the fastest way possible. Bangla Tech Digest

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Reader's Digest India

Reader’s Digest has been the world’s biggest-selling magazine for nearly nine decades. It is also

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English no1

。每期收录九篇有趣英文文章及相关的英文例句。「大学英语文摘」能让您随时随地学习英语。每天听英文语音档,并大声复诵,您的听力与会话保证大大地进步! University English Digest has a number of features that help readers learn English efficiently: 1. Chinese

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Bird Watcher’s Digest

Whether you're an avid birder or a backyard bird watcher, Bird Watcher's Digest (BWD) has

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Tipster for Android Fans

"Tipster for Android Fans - Your daily Android news partner... It's your daily digest from

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Paperboy | Feedly | RSS | News

variety of news digests and channels. If you are a news hunter, Paperboy is your goto free news reader app

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领导力文摘Leader's Digest

celebrated leadership gurus. Reference or links for each digest are provided so that if interested, readers

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