Download 常用片語和俚語 快速記憶 (美國英文口語 slang) 常用片語和俚語 快速記憶 (美國英文口語 slang) icon

常用片語和俚語 快速記憶 (美國英文口語 slang)


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Download American Slang American Slang icon

American Slang

American Slang is a compilation of street-words (and its definition) c...

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British Slang

Best British Slang! This cool FREE app gives you tons of cool British...

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Australian Slang

Top Australian Slang at your fingertips! Australian English is justif...

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Slang and Friends

A fun, hip, and educational word game that awards you bonus points for...

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English Slang Dictionary

Next time you see a quirky term, don’t feel embarrassed of the fact th...

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American Slang Quiz

American Slang Quiz. How American Slang words can you recognize? Are...

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Chat Slang

Internet slang (Internet language, Internet Short-hand, leet, netspeak...

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Crazy Phrase Slang

TOEFL & TOEIC , daily English and easy, Crazy Phrase and Slang is...

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Cantonese slang on your move!

Local Cantonese all included! With vocabulary, dialog and slang that a...

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Internet Slang Dictionary

Do you know the meaning of "DIKY","WBU","(Y)&...

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Urban Slang Dictionary

Beta Urban Dictionary app! Urban Slang Dictionary is the online dictio...

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