Download Prank Fart Types and Snorts Prank Fart Types and Snorts icon
Prank Fart Types and Snorts

Identify your fart type ... Toy , compare the other share other ... 1 - President : Fart and promises that will crap 2 - Evil : fart and blames babes 3 - Addicted : fart , smells and gets stoned 4 - Romance : It's the sigh of a passionate ass 5 - Turkish : Fart at once to save 6 - Patriot : Rise to fart 7 - Opportunist : Enjoy the fart of othe…

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Download Cow Sounds Cow Sounds icon
Cow Sounds

that cattle also grunt, snort and bellow? In bovine communication, different sounds are made to communicate

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Download Deer Call Deer Call icon
Deer Call

Buck Snort Wheeze Buck Sparring Buck Social Grunt Deer Pawning

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Download Donkey Donkey icon

! Scratch his head or mouth to get him going! Scratch his throat for a snort and his belly for some

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Download Horse Sounds Horse Sounds icon
Horse Sounds

neighing, nickering, whinnying, sighing, and snorting. Since humans feel very connected to horses, a lot

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Download Cocaine Simulator Cocaine Simulator icon
Cocaine Simulator

ADULTS ONLY 21+ This virtual cocaine simulator allows you to touch your screen and Snort Blow

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Download Nasty Sounds Nasty Sounds icon
Nasty Sounds

sounds: farts, burps, vomits, coughs, snores, snorts, spits, and many more! Apart from playing them, you

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Download Talk To Your Cat Talk To Your Cat icon
Talk To Your Cat

to transfer a huge variety of sounds feline lexicon. Cats purr, grumble, hiss and snort and even klatsat

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Download Nature Sound Mixer - Demo Nature Sound Mixer - Demo icon
Nature Sound Mixer - Demo

about a nightingale singing near the creek? And if you add a snorting horse that grazes on the nearest

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Download Hidden Mystery: Farm Secrets Hidden Mystery: Farm Secrets icon
Hidden Mystery: Farm Secrets

to hear the cows moo and the pigs snort and see the vegetables grow big and plump. In this fun puzzle game

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Download Human to dog sounds translator Human to dog sounds translator icon
Human to dog sounds translator

what you want to say. Sounds available: Yap, screech, howl, yelp, groan, grunt, snort gasp, sigh, Beep

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