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Yayo Chat – Find, Meet, Date

Bored to death at home? Looking for a new friend? A date maybe? Or just wanna hangout with new people in town? We have got the perfect solution with an exciting app that’s opens up a joyful fun world to get like-minded people together! Meet, chat and find exciting new people and singles in your local neighborhood and nearby areas. An amazing inter…

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NewWebNet Alpha

This is an early pre-release of the NewWebNet App. It is meant for developers, testers and early adopters.

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Quarter-Back is a #1 micro-donations mobile fundraising platform. You need to spend as little as 25c to change the world! If you need help, you can list your own cause, so thousands of members of A Quarter Back to Society could help you. We need your help to show that even such little effort as a quarter donation can make a huge difference.

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"All-in-WA or say 'WA', What comes After happens now”: Imagine WA, an 'all-in-one' social app (All-in-WA) that let you communicate with WA friends and WA family both in the present and up to 50 years in the future – even WA after's for when you’re gone. Whether you wish to leave a WA last will and WA testament, or simply se…

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Relatório CCB

God's peace, This application was created to help us to find information about Christian Congregation of Brazil (CCB) churches. Information such as address, day of worship, local music test day, regional music test day, ministry. Find the closest of their home churches, information according to the official Christian Congregation Brazil repor…

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Download Jobping Jobping icon

A new job can be a leap in the dark. Will I like my new colleagues? Does the new working environment meet my expectations? Fun at work basically means, working with the right people! Enjoy working with people you already know and like – your friends! So, when you are looking for a new job, ask them first. Jobping brings all your friends together…

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Share My Location

Share your location with family and friends in style ! - Use GPS , Wi-Fi , or Cell Towers to resolve your current location - Translate GPS coordinate to address. - Provide snapshot image with current weather info to share with friends and family. - Allow you to Imprint your personal message on the image. "Share My Location" application…

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Download Ubi – Share your journeys Ubi – Share your journeys icon
Ubi – Share your journeys

With Ubi, sharing your way is easier than ever. Now, you can share more than just your location, you can share your way. Start a session and send around the temporary link that Ubi generates for you to anyone that is waiting for you. Are you going to a dinner? Are you meeting some friends? Just share the Ubi link and they will be able to order…

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Blink is a real-time location platform that allows media and publishing companies to efficiently discover new talent and to manage employees. Discover Discover photographers, videographers and producers around the world who use our application to tag their current location. Connect instantly to a global database of professional talent and keep upd…

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Blurry - Make New Friends

Blurry is different from other social apps, it values your inner beauty and encourages people to approach each other from a new angle. By blurring the users' profile photos, Blurry allows you to understand someone inside out, it lets you experience the magic of "Approach", "Connect", "Chat", "Reveal", an…

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Tribun Live

Takım ile alakalı aklına ne geliyorsa, eleşitirde bulunmanı sağlıyoruz.Uygulamanın asıl amacı, bu eleştiriler ile, takımda, camiada iyileştirmelere sebep olmak. Biliyorsun ki, yönetim, hoca, futbolcular bir gün gider, taraftar hep tribünde. Takımın tek sahibi taraftarıdır!

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Download RenoMobil RenoMobil icon

RenoMobil er en applikation til vognmanden, der gør det nemt at dokumentere problemer i forhold til renovation. Applikationen kan udelukkende bruges af renovatører, og kan kun bruges i de kommuner og forsyningsselskaber, der abonnerer på denne ydelse. Applikationen er gratis at hente.

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