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Tango Social Club

Tango Social Club app is a mobile portal for learning about social activities like tango classes, dance nights (milongas), special events, international productions we offer. Dance videos, candid photos from our events, essays from well known tango teachers, performers and musicians also can be accessed easily right from your smartphone or tablet.

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כפר ורדים

האפליקציה הרשמית של מועצה מקומית כפר ורדים! השירות לתושבי מועצה מקומית כפר ורדים מתקדם לעידן הטכנולוגי עם אפליקציית ctconnect - סיטיקונקט. מועצה מקומית כפר ורדים בחרה להרחיב את הקשר עם התושבים ולקחת חלק בפלטפורמה חדשנית המציעה את האפליקציה המתקדמת בעולם לחיזוק הקשר בין התושב לרשות. הרשות והתושב במרחק נגיעה. האפליקציה מאפשרת לכם בין היתר: - דיוו…

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Share trusted Professionals and Services WorkProList is the first network where you can find or suggest trusted professionals and services Everything for free!

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Blissyoo Chat

Mobile chat app for members of Blissyoo, the world's liveliest social network. Fun and easy, no censorship. It's your journey, your bliss. Share what you want, how you want. Share music to stream, share ideas, photos, videos, create events, check news from around the world, list items to buy or sell. Do everything seamlessly between websi…

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MyDarling Animation theme4

This is the theme for MyDarling. MyDarling app should be installed. If the theme is not changed automatically, please change manually (MyDarling AppSetting -> Widget theme) Animation theme is only animated on full version(widget 4*3) [MyDarling App] [Make own theme!] http://parkc…

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Download LINK by ACCP LINK by ACCP icon

Welcome to the mobile version of LINK by ACCP! Use this mobile app to quickly and privately connect with peers, participate in your communities and access up-to-date content from ACCP staff and members. Take advantage of the LINK by ACCP app now by downloading it to your smartphone. We encourage our members to explore all the offerings and take…

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Korankoe A social network that connects with citizen journalism. everyone can be a journalist with the ideas and creativity of each and they can read the contents of articles /news from other users. - Home: which contains articles / news from various users of a general user (public). - Mydesk: which contains articles / news from users who have bec…

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A platform of all authentic Islamic information. One click to authentic Islamic Facebook pages such as Dr Zakir Naik, Nouman Ali Khan, Mufti Ismail Menk, Sheikh Muhammad Abdul Jabbar and many more. Inclusive or Arab Sheikhs such as Sheikh Muhammad Al Arifi, Sheikh Saleh Al Maghamsi, Sheikh Mukhtar Al Shinqitee, Sheikh Khalid Ar Rashid and many more…

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Hailey Ross

Hailey Ross build by Prsy app where user can interact with friends and family.The unique way of sharing contents. Start by naming the corner, sharing the corner and lock or unlock corner plus a ghost corner.

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Alumni Psychology of Unair

The Apsilangga app was created to connect generations of alumni from the Faculty of Psychology, Airlangga University: you can join conversations, share photos, learn about events, and find contact info for all members. Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) is the second-oldest university in Indonesia. Located in Surabaya, East Java, it was established in…

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When it comes to keeping your journal/diary there is a major problem: being unable to control who reads your journal/diary after you die. You spend hours pouring your heart out and telling your life story, but you have no way of knowing if anybody will ever read it. Croaknote is your solution. a new and smarter way to keep and manage your journal/…

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Khalid Usman

Khalid Usman, by profession, is a chartered accountant with over 40 years of business experience. He served as a Municipal Councillor in the Town of Markham for nine years (1997-2006). He is serving on the Board of Markham District Energy Inc. from 2000 – to date during which time significant planning and building of the system was being undertaken…

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