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Massage Tips

Massage Tips Massage is the manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue using various techniques, to enhance function, aid in the healing process, decrease muscle reflex activity, inhibit motor-neuron excitability, promote relaxation and well-being,and as a recreational activity. The word comes from the French ma…

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G6 Wireless Alarm

The APP with friendly user interface is easy to operate. The system can modify the zone name and turn on/off the relay output. The user can activate and de-activate the alarm system beyond the limitation of time and distance. APP Features: With simple user interface design Allowing user to modify zone name, and rename zone number. Allowing add…

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Hampton Mobile

The Hampton Library in Bridgehampton is proud to present its mobile app for patrons. Search the catalog, access library resources, check out items, and more!

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Westeros Demo App

A quick preview of the first mobile app created using Liferay Screens for Android: . Liferay Screens is a collection of visual components for mobile developers consuming Liferay APIs from native mobile apps. Especially helpful for those developers less familiar with Liferay, Liferay Screens translates back-end pro…

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How reconcile your sweetheart

This app was made for everybody who loves a special person. If you're trying to win a person you love back, but, for some reason, you lost her or him, so Daily Love Advices may help you! If you're not trying to win someone back, maybe you're in the following situations: You're interested in someone, but don't know what to do to…

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Download Bonrix Bluetooth NFC/RFID Demo Bonrix Bluetooth NFC/RFID Demo icon
Bonrix Bluetooth NFC/RFID Demo

This application is compatible with the device KTX280B bluetooth NFC RFID reader.This application demonstrates how this device KTX280B bluetooth NFC RFID reader is working with the banking application. In this application, user can experience the short touch and the long touch tagging event after connecting with the RFID NFC reader. Here short t…

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Real Classifieds

Real Classified application will bring you the latest property listing from print media to your mobile. The advertisements are very “Hot” and decision making process is much faster. The classifieds displayed in the application are taken from the local newspaper so it is in your local language. Feature *** Guaranteed Real classifieds from real p…

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KDAB Demos

The mother of all demos shows a number of KDAB demos together, in a smooth QtQuick application. In this demo you will find information about all these Qt applications: • the boat demo running with QNX • the home automation client/server cross-platform demo • a real industrial application controlling weaving machines • an OpenGL demo creating surfa…

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ImageS3Android Demo

ImageS3 is an outstanding image hosting service. Based on AmazonS3 for maximal reliability, it works as a private cloud service specialized in resizing and storing images for software applications. Developers can easily set up ImageS3 service and let it connect to AmazonS3, then enjoy unlimited image uploading, hosting, resizing and retrieving. Mor…

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