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xDonate 10x

I've had some people contact me saying that some of my apps are too cheap, and they would like a chance to donate some more. Well, this is just that chance. This app does nothing. It doesn't even show up in your laucher. There are 3 donate apps:…

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Emoticons pack, Kawaii

This is an expansion pack for the application "Free Emoticons, Pack Support" is required to install the main application to access the content. The main application is free! You can still install the package. when you run it you will see a button with a link to download the main application. If you like this package, write a nice rev…

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Winter Simulator

This is an interactive 3D outdoor winter scene featuring a cabin with a roaring fire, a usable toboggan, and some trees. This was a computer graphics class project I made in 2003 and recently ported to Android.

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Real-Time GPU Raytracing

"Real-time Raytracing" operates with the Android device or it challenges. My HTC Desire HD is 5~6 fps. On your device work? ----New Apps!!---- + CPU Real-time Raytracing -> MP2Mark Search [MP2Mark] in the Google Play! + GPU New Real-time Raytracing -> GP2Mark Search [GP2Mark] in the Google Play! * demonstration app Wizapply engi…

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Prolific PL2303 Multi Port

This is PL2303HXD multi port APK on Android. It can support 4 * PL2303HXD (RA / EA). This is just a UART Simple Test program on Android, not used in the above specific device applications, such as GPS, cash register, modem,..etc... You can download the source code from Prolific web-site, and then develop your own android application Requirement…

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Download RoboSpice FractalExplorer RoboSpice FractalExplorer icon
RoboSpice FractalExplorer

Fractal Explorer is a sample application to illustrate how to use Robospice for a non-network related background task. Here, we used a fractal as an example of a long running background task. Pinch, zoom and move inside a Mandelbrot fractal computed in an Android service... RoboSpice has been designed to…

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Your Future Business App

This is a Demonstration app showcasing the possibilities of your your business' future in the Android App Store. This app can be designed for you as is or with additional or fewer pages included in it. This app can be customized to your colors with your navigational names and page titles. It can be used for all types of business: Doctors,…

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Download Catalina United Methodist Catalina United Methodist icon
Catalina United Methodist

At Catalina United Methodist Church, our mission is to be a Christ-following community that brings ourselves and others closer to God. We worship, we learn, we serve, we celebrate, we doubt, we struggle, we share, and we do what we can to bring to life the prayer of Jesus that God’s kingdom would be realized in our world and in our lives. We offer…

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Download 3Cats Color Lantern 3Cats Color Lantern icon
3Cats Color Lantern

Turn your phone into a brightful color lamp! This is in fact a demo app for the free 3Cat ColorSelectDialog library for Android developers. You can find the source code at: Thanks for using it and good luck!

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Download Console Dome Console Dome icon
Console Dome

Hello users of Console Dome, here we gladly present you without official app, we may make a few changes along the road but this is just to start off. Brought to you by Rage, enjoy! #DomeSquad

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Download AVD Helper AVD Helper icon
AVD Helper

Want to setup the emulator with the exact screen size and density, to best fit how the app looks in user's device? AVD Helper is the Developer Utility to calc the device and the monitor DPI, to help you use the AVD manager to set AVD in specific custom size/resolution. To get help, CHECK screenshots on Android Market to see what column param…

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Download Aviary Effects: Love Aviary Effects: Love icon
Aviary Effects: Love

This effects pack is a plugin that only works inside Photo Editor by Aviary and select third-party apps that use Aviary's Photo Editor. You can download Photo Editor by Aviary here for FREE: --- Bring out the love in your photos with this beautiful pack of pa…

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