"sound frequency detector"

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Sound Detector

a text message to another cell phone. This app includes: ✓ A sound detector which calls or text you

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Coins Detector

will be in the presence of precious metals indicator sound will ring at a higher frequency and the lights go up in level

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Ghost Detector 3D

couldn’t listen. It filters specific sound waveform out and measures frequency of sound. When unusual

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Sound Meter Pro

Sound Meter Pro is the 4th set of Smart Tools® collection. SPL(sound pressure level) meter app

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Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite

) Light Meter - light intensity (15) Sound Meter - sound intensity (16) Tone Detector - frequency

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Metal Detector

that the readings come from the back of the phone. It sounds a beep with the frequency of the beep getting faster

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Ghostroid Paranormal Detector

oddly during supernatural events. Sounds of very low frequency, less than a hundred Hertz or so

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Tuner - Pitch Detector Free

PitchDetector is a precise software implementation of chromatic tuner. Pitch of recorded sound can

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Vibration Alarm

vibrations in real time - saves vibration data into SD card - provides configurable sound alarm that may

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Chord Detector ZAX

notes that are available as a frequencies in the sound. Basic tempo detection ( BPM detector) is also

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Tuner & Metronome

can: • Start / Stop the metronome • Set a combination of sound / flash light / vibration / visual

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FrequenSee - Spectrum Analyzer

! This real-time spectrum analyzer / audio visualizer features: - 128 high-quality frequency bands [20Hz to 22

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