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Politický Soundboard

Každý túži mať najlepšie hlášky politikov vždy pri sebe, aby mohol pohotovo odpovedať na dotieravé otázky novinárskych hyen! Prejav svoje pocity a vyber si z množstva hlášok, od vtipných až po naštvané. Časom budú pribúdať stále nové a nové hlášky!

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Papaj Soundboard

Teksty papaja już zawsze przy tobie! Nowe dzwięki będą dodawane codziennie ;) Aplikacja powstała w celach humorystycznych i nie ma na celu obrażania nikogo.

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Download Biss Biss Cat Biss Biss Cat icon
Biss Biss Cat

Just a soundboard of my cat, You can press the buttons to hear the voice of the cat with different moods.

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Fart Loud and Free Best Sounds

Pull my finger! Seriously, this fart sound app / fart soundboard really doesn't stink! With twenty amazing sound effects, this app will have you and your friends laughing for hours! Just think of all the crazy pranks that you will play on your friends, family, and pranky friends! Fun for pranksters, tricksters, and jokers of all ages! This awes…

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Sirens And Horns

Siren and Horns app is new Android™ app with the best siren ringtones and latest horn sounds. Sirens and Horns is very popular prank app, good for having fun. We made soundboard with most popular sirens and horns ringtones and top sounds. Download app for free and you can personalize the default ringtone, the ringtone for a specific contact, the no…

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SoundGet (widget)

With this app you can add a sound to your desktop inside a Widget, and listen it simply by pressing the sound icon. You can make your custom soundboard, or can set a link to a very useful sound in your daily life, like a whistle to call your pet, or an acoustic signal of any kind. New version 1.1 -Sample sounds added

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Instant Buttons Pranks

Better than a soundboard, more than a database of sounds. This amazing app allows you to have fun with your friends playing different sounds in various occasions (e.g., funny, party, birthday, holiday, school moment, etc) and also performing pranks exploiting more than 150 different audio samples Features presented in this app: - Set sample as rin…

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Download Nigel Thornberry Soundboard Nigel Thornberry Soundboard icon
Nigel Thornberry Soundboard

Nigel Thornberry Soundboard. Recreate your favorite character's funny sayings. Listen to him say the most hilarious things.

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SMS Ringtones

SMS Ringtones app offers you opportunity to have the best collection of latest SMS ringtones and sounds for your Android™. Download this cool app and you will get all popular SMS & notification ringtones in one app for free. We give our best and made especially for you sms soundboard app with variety of ringtones for text messages, notificatio…

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Notification Sounds

You are getting bored of your old notification tones? You don’t like your old short message ringtones or mp3 notification? You don’t want your sms tones or notification ringtones sound like everybody else? You are on the right place! We made for your mobile great app with awesome notification sounds, sms ringtones and notification alerts. When you…

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Popular Sound Effects

Popular sound effects app for Android is the best collection of top sound effects of exceptional quality. Sound effects tones are ideal for spending quality time with your friends and family. You can have fun, and play sound effects games with friends, they can try to guess incredible funny sound effects, such as robot ,air horn, ship, laser,…

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