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Truemessenger - SMS Block Spam

Ever received an SMS from a stranger? Hate receiving spam SMS? Truemessenger by Truecaller tells

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Download AntiSpamSMS AntiSpamSMS icon

AntiSpamSMS ********************************************* ********** Please Use AntiSpamSMS 2

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SMS Spam!

Have you ever wanted to spam your friends, but you can't be bothered to write 20 or 50 or 500

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Download Laban SMS: spam blocker Laban SMS: spam blocker icon
Laban SMS: spam blocker

Laban SMS is the only SMS messaging application that has a spam filter designed specifically

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Download Spam Texter Spam Texter icon
Spam Texter

Do you have unlimited texts and want to make the most of it? The 'you hang up first' of texts. Just set the contact, text, amount of times to send and the time inbetween each text. The texts run in the background so you can keep texting from your normal sms messenger. enjoy. Ability to change between seconds, minutes and hours and to turn…

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Download Math Duel: 2 Player Math Game Math Duel: 2 Player Math Game icon
Math Duel: 2 Player Math Game

Two can have fun at the same time! Math Duel: 2 Player Math Game is one of those fun educational games where two players fight each other mathematically. Cool game for kids and adults is here! + Split screen interface makes this brain game a 2-player reactor – Basic math workout means this is mathematics for kids at 7 years and above x Math sp…

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Download SpamDrain - email spam filter SpamDrain - email spam filter icon
SpamDrain - email spam filter

letting through email you really want. The result is a spam-free inbox and lots of time and frustration

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Download RosSpam RosSpam icon

The application reacts on SMS looking like spam and suggests to report it to FAS of Russia.

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Block Spam (SMS + Calls)

) Don`t forget to write suggestions=) Key words: Black list, sms, spam, ad, blocker, calls, antispam

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Download Call Blocker No Spam Voicemail Call Blocker No Spam Voicemail icon
Call Blocker No Spam Voicemail

rating and feedback. Ever want to stop those spam or harassing calls from reaching you and leaving you

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Download Spam Caller ID & Block Spam Caller ID & Block icon
Spam Caller ID & Block

unwanted calls and customize spam phones. Why should you choose WhosThat? ★ Easy-to-use, identify

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