"stand alone gps"

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Bluetooth GPS

Connect to an external bluetooth NMEA compatible GPS device. Mock provider allows other apps

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Download Ride with GPS - Bike Computer Ride with GPS - Bike Computer icon
Ride with GPS - Bike Computer

://ridewithgps.com • Love your Garmin? Keep it. Our product can stand alone or work in tandem with your existing bike

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Download FiberDroid OTDR FiberDroid OTDR icon
FiberDroid OTDR

equipment from your Android phone or tablet. The app functions as a stand-alone file viewer for Telcordia

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Download Mobile Response Messaging Mobile Response Messaging icon
Mobile Response Messaging

messages and share pictures, video, GPS position and other content. Use your existing mobile data plan

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Download SayVU - Never alone again SayVU - Never alone again icon
SayVU - Never alone again

with additional protection we are providing with Stand-Alone (GPS/SIM) and BTLE (Bluetooth Low energy) buttons

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Download Trippster - GPS route planner Trippster - GPS route planner icon
Trippster - GPS route planner

of a stand-alone GPS device to Android since those services aren't available in Google Maps or Android

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Download Tourality Free GPS Challenges Tourality Free GPS Challenges icon
Tourality Free GPS Challenges

alone or with others in multiplayer games with up to 40 players. Discover the outdoor GPS game and learn

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Download Magellan SmartGPS Magellan SmartGPS icon
Magellan SmartGPS

are able to make your Magellan SmartGPS app into a complete stand-alone search and navigation tool. SmartGPS

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Download NJ ALS Protocols NJ ALS Protocols icon
NJ ALS Protocols

. This application is a stand alone application with no need of an internet connection. Communication Failure

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Download Mapometer - GPS sport mapping Mapometer - GPS sport mapping icon
Mapometer - GPS sport mapping

as a stand-alone app). You can synchronize your app with your mapometer.com account to automatically have

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