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Strobo Led FlashLight Free

Make the party with her ​​laptop Strobo, turn the flash on your Smartphone or tablet into a super

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Audio Strobo

Diese App lässt die Kamera LED wie ein Strobo blitzen. Außerdem kann der Strobo durch das

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Lampu Senter Strobo

Lampu Senter dengan Mode Strobo ini solusi untuk menjadikan Gadget Android kamu menjadi Senter

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Peterson iStroboSoft Tuner

iStroboSoft™ Application for the Android Phones Peterson Strobe Tuner's popular Strobo

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Led + Strobo

with a system of strobo light in various speeds. Say goodbye to darkness and say hello to the party.

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LED Strobe

A strobe light or stroboscopic lamp, commonly called a strobe. Produces regular flashes of light using camera flash LED. You can adjust the frequency of flashes in range 1 - 25 Hz. ** Caution! Strobe light can be harmful to the eyes and cause epileptic seizures ** ** Not compatible with all devices **

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ScreenLight Flashlight/Strobe

Use your screen as a flashlight, night light or strobe light. ScreenLight Flashlight & Nightlite/Strobe Lite controls the brightness of your screen, keeps it turned on. Perfect as a night light. + makes flashlight/strobe light brighter - makes flashlight/strobe light dimmer Use as flashlight or night light Color flashlight chooser. You can u…

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Party Light (free)

The Light of the world: http://www.biblehub.com/multi/john/8-12.htm Whether your having a party or at the disco, rave, club, concert or event Party Light is for those who love partying and being in the lights. Party Light turns your phone in to a hypnotic strobing light machine! Party Lights has plenty of trippy effects. Party Light makes use of…

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Strobily - strobe light

Strobily is the most accurate strobe light app on Android and it has a new feature: it can flash to the beat of music! Features include: - Millisecond precision LED flashing - Flashing to the beat of music - Pattern flashing - Audio tachometer mode - Torch/flashlight mode - Burst mode - Adjustable duty cycle - Flashing with screen off The newest…

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Turn your phone into a color flashlight. Small application size but it has various functions. It helps find your way in the theater is that you keep stepping on. Find your keys in the dark. Send bright help signal text. Dance with strobe light in a club. Usage : Touch the screen to show/hide option buttons. User comment: Changing flat tire in 2…

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aLights - set of lights

) Light (choose the color of light) PoliceLight (simulate a blue police light) DiscoLight (strobo light

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