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    Stupid Zombies

    Shoot down all the zombies in each level taking advantage of the bouncy bullets.

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    Download Stupid Zombies 2 Stupid Zombies 2 icon
    Stupid Zombies 2

    Stupid Zombies 2 is the anticipated sequel of the well-known physics-based puzzler.

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    Download Stupid Zombies 3 Stupid Zombies 3 icon
    Stupid Zombies 3

    Hold and release, craft that perfect shoot, and goodbye, not-so-smart zombies.

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    Download Stupid Ninjas Stupid Ninjas icon
    Stupid Ninjas

    From the makers of Stupid Zombies... Stupid Ninjas have infested the land and you

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    Download Stupid Game Stupid Game icon
    Stupid Game

    it from shrinking than to play Stupid Game?! Stupid Game is a brand new game from Mu.ly Games / Macarne

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    Download Stupid Test! Stupid Test! icon
    Stupid Test!

    Are you stupid, an idiot or even a moron? Complete this app to show to you and your friends

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    Download Stupidizer Stupidizer icon

    Take a picture of your face, or your friends' face, and change it completely to make it fun ! Add some filters on it to make it look better, or put a nice frame if you want to be less ugly. Share the picture for your friends to do the same, and laugh when you see their face!

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    Download That Was Stupid That Was Stupid icon
    That Was Stupid

    *** Learn from the mistakes made by other! *** We have all done something stupid but now you get

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    Download My Derp - A Stupid Virtual Pet My Derp - A Stupid Virtual Pet icon
    My Derp - A Stupid Virtual Pet

    Meet your Derp: NOT the cute lovely boring virtual pet you are used to. Be prepared for some action while you take care of him in this impossible and weird adventure. Can you keep him alive? Derp will burp, poop, get really dirty and get himself into freaky accidents you can't even imagine! Can you handle all this mess? Try to keep him well f…

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