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Push to Swear

NARRATED BY ACTUAL NATIVE SPEAKERS! Push to Swear is now FREE to try for 48 hours. Unlock

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Swearing Ringtones

"Swearing Ringtones" features a set of funny swearing ringtones & more just for you

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Swearing Analysis

Swearing Analysis performs a detailed investigation of all your SMS text messages

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SWear Weather

is open sourced and everybody can contribute to it:

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Swearing Xylo

From the creator of the BBC's Limmy's Show comes Limmy's Swearing Xylo. Tap

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Swearing Xylo Free

Tap the xylophone to hear the ultimate insult in a variety of melodies. Made by Limmy, the maker of the BBC's Limmy's Show.

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Swear Box Free

WARNING: Excessive profanity! Ad-supported version. Updated: Now includes Chinese, American English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian and Spanish languages. More languages coming soon!

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Swear O'Clock

="_blank">https://plus.google.com/communities/100705267662549485766 View our source on GitHub https://github.com/obihann/swear-oclock

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Swearing & Insult Sound Board

A lot of sounds on different boards. Each button reacts realistically and the high quality sounds are all professionally recorded and tuned. ★★★ Features ★★★ ✔ Different boards ✔ Great Sound ✔ Cool graphic ✔ Many different sounds etc

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Bleep - Swear Censor

Bleep - Swear Censor lets you block out any swears, profanities, curses, cusses, or obscenities

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swearing that neighbor that does not stop making noise or ex-partner that you left for your best friend

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Pinky Swear

Hard to find yourself being productive? Try using this app to pair yourself up with someone else with the same struggle. You write down what you promise to do within 24 hours, and your promise will get paired up with either a random stranger, or a facebook friend of your choice. Guilt trip the other person when you finish your task, or get motivate…

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