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Swearing Analysis

Swearing Analysis performs a detailed investigation of all your SMS text messages

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Swearing Xylo

From the creator of the BBC's Limmy's Show comes Limmy's Swearing Xylo. Tap

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Swearing Xylo Free

Tap the xylophone to hear the ultimate insult in a variety of melodies. Made by Limmy, the maker of the BBC's Limmy's Show.

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The Swear Jar

, then you should get a real swear jar and start putting money in it or you can use this The Swear Jar app

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Swear Box Free

WARNING: Excessive profanity! Ad-supported version. Updated: Now includes Chinese, American English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian and Spanish languages. More languages coming soon!

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Swearing & Insult Sound Board

A lot of sounds on different boards. Each button reacts realistically and the high quality sounds are all professionally recorded and tuned. ★★★ Features ★★★ ✔ Different boards ✔ Great Sound ✔ Cool graphic ✔ Many different sounds etc

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Pinky Swear

Hard to find yourself being productive? Try using this app to pair yourself up with someone else with the same struggle. You write down what you promise to do within 24 hours, and your promise will get paired up with either a random stranger, or a facebook friend of your choice. Guilt trip the other person when you finish your task, or get motivate…

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Shakespeare swear

Shakeswear, the world’s most advanced Shakespearean insult app has finally arrived, putting the power of “The Bard” into your own hands. Shakeswear puts you into the shoes of Shakespeare’s most memorable characters and brings your insult game to places it has never been before, namely 17th Century England. Simply shake the app (or touch), and Shake…

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DW - Breaking World News

Get unbiased, international news and information on the world’s most pressing issues. The free DW app for tablets and mobiles keeps you up-to-date with the latest headlines and in-depth coverage of everything from business, science and politics to arts, culture and sports. The DW app provides you with the information you need to shape and understa…

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Bleep - Swear Censor

Bleep - Swear Censor lets you block out any swears, profanities, curses, cusses, or obscenities

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Swear Jar

Swear a lot?! Use Swear Jar to reduce your swear habits. Check you Swearometer for today's

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I swear I took them!

Taking great photos won't be hard for you. With this course you will easily understand how your camera works and its major features. We will also explain to you important photography topics such as: rule of thirds, rule of the gaze, rule of the horizon, framing and backlighting. Our main goal is for you to quit using your camera on auto mode a…

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