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Barcode Scanner

QR barcode Scanner/qr code reader is the fastest qr barcode scanner / qr code reader for is a free and simple QR barcode scanner app on your samrtphone. QR barcode scanner & qrcode - You can decode text,URLs,ISBN,email,contacets information,calender events and so on.You can also scan image files and online code with QR Barcode Scann…

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Säker Vatten (Ny)

Säker Vattens nya android-app låter dig som auktoriserad montör att enkelt skapa intyg på utförda arbeten. Du kan mata in uppgifter om objektet, ta bilder med telefonens kamera och välja typ av utfört arbete i tydliga menyer. Intyget skickas automatiskt till det Säker Vatten-anslutna företaget som utför arbetet, och om så önskas kan intyget även sk…

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Download CM Poke Helper CM Poke Helper icon
CM Poke Helper

CM Poke Helper is an assistant app for Poke providing assist shortcut to help users to mute notification and lock screen

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This app has a button that when pressed add a shot to a count of how many shots you have taken. You can also subtract shots and cancel all your shots. Emojis depict how turnt you are based on how many shots you have taken. This app is designed to replace the need to mark on arms or use straws to count shots.

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My Phone Number+Ringer Widget

Aias my Phone Number & Ringer Mode - Home Screen Widget - free Personalize your Android home screen with highly customizable widget, with large text to display not only your phone number, but also to direct control the ringer mode state. ★ Switch your ringer mode state quickly to ringer on, vibrate, ringer off, airplane mode. ★ See with a gl…

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Download Arvutaja Arvutaja icon

Arvutaja (= the Estonian word for "the one that computes") is a voice actions app, i.e. it converts a spoken utterance in some natural language to an expression/command in some formal language and then evaluates the formal expression. Currently supported input languages: - Estonian - English (only in Arvutaja v0.5+, requires Android…

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Easy Timetable

Easy Timetable provide several icon. And you can control your timetable easily.

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Battery Temperature

This Free Android application will display the battery temperature of your Android phone or tablet in degrees celcius and farenheit. It will work on almost all devices. Used to monitor battery temperature for battery care or other scientific purposes like research. The battery temperature will give a good overall indication of the phone temperature…

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Metal (EMF) Detector

Metal (EMF) Detector is a very use full tool for detection of nearby electromagnetic fields. This app uses the phone's built-in magnetic sensor for detection. Now Detect precious metals using your own phone anywhere anytime. Earth's Magnetic Field ranges from 30 to 60 µT. Any Other measurement is an indication of unusual metal activity. Fo…

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Bubble Cloud Premium Key

This acts as a license to unlock premium features in the free Bubble Cloud Widgets + Wear Launcher app. You will need to install Bubble Cloud Widgets + Wear Launcher from here:   2-IN-1 APP: With one app get Bubble Clouds both ►on your phone+tablet → HOMESCREEN WIDGETS ►on your → ANDROID WEAR SMARTWATCH use it on either, or on…

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Vesta Home 2 GA

Forget to arm your home security system? Don’t worry. With Vesta Home, you can remotely control all your Climax home security systems with smart phone. It makes your smart phone a versatile remote controller and free you from all wires of alarm system.

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