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    Calendar Mini Pro

    We like Google Calendar, because it can be used on any platforms. This app add your Google Calendars to your screen. It displays today's events, today's unfinished events, events in next 24 hours, upcoming events in next 3 months. It's highly configurable. You can adjust the color / font size / font family / width / transparency / posit…

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    Download SSH Send SSH Send icon
    SSH Send

    This is a simple application that allows you to send files via the SSH protocol to any server you want. This is done in the most simple and user friendly way possible in Android : via the 'Share' option of any capable application installed on your device. Features : - Transfer any file from your device via SSH; - Configure and save multipl…

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    Download SuperSurv M3 Lite--GIS App SuperSurv M3 Lite--GIS App icon
    SuperSurv M3 Lite--GIS App

    An easy-to use mobile GIS app for field data collection 1st App to edit GIS data in complete off-line mode 1st App to record attributes in custom menu Save at least 70% of work time than traditional data collection Visit SuperSurv FB Fan Page for the most updated and exclusive information at Key features in Su…

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    Download Droi Compass Droi Compass icon
    Droi Compass

    A classic compass application, simple, beautiful and powerful, it is a essential travel applications. You can take it to control the own location at anytime. Before using it, do not forget to turn on your GPS.

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    Download Drilling Horsepower Calculator Drilling Horsepower Calculator icon
    Drilling Horsepower Calculator

    Drilling Horsepower Calculator helps you estimate the horsepower required for a drilling operation based on the feed rate, tool diameter, unit power, spindle speed and machine efficiency.

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    Download Calculator Toolbox Calculator Toolbox icon
    Calculator Toolbox

    Calculator Toolbox provides several handy calculators, including percentage calculator, square footage calculator, fraction calculator, volume calculator, standard deviation calculator, probability calculator, compound interest calculator...

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    Download Powers&Power Roots Calculator Powers&Power Roots Calculator icon
    Powers&Power Roots Calculator

    Powers & Power Roots Calculator helps you calculate the powers and power roots of any number. Simply enter a value and the pow value.

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    Download Vibrate In Pocket Vibrate In Pocket icon
    Vibrate In Pocket

    When you put your phone to the pocket, this application detects this with help of proximity sensor and set up the vibrate mode to "Always on" and optionally lock the phone's screen. In the future, when you get the phone out of your pocket, the vibrate mode settings will be restored. Pay attention: * The solid cover will close the p…

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    Download byMail byMail icon

    byMail Call Notifier by email Forgot your cell phone at home? Left it on vibrate? Do not take hours to see your missed calls. With byMail your missed calls arrive in your e-mail in a little moment. Just connect to your e-mail to find out if someone called you. Or if traveling somewhere that your cell phone doesn't work? You can leave it at…

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    Download Perfect System Monitor Donatio Perfect System Monitor Donatio icon
    Perfect System Monitor Donatio

    This is the Donation version of Perfect System Monitor. There is a also free version in the market. If you like Perfect System Monitor and want to support us please make a donate. The application only needs to be on your phone for 24 hours for the donation to go through, after that you can uninstall it. Thank You Very Much For Your Donation.

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    Download Realtor Listing Presentation Realtor Listing Presentation icon
    Realtor Listing Presentation

    -Realtor Tool -Flash cards to guide you through the presentation -Easy 1-2-3 steps to getting a perspective client to list with you -Large words, easy to read -More tools to follow i.e. realtor calculator, selling presentation etc.

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