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SMS Express

Now you can read and reply to your SMS messages in a unique express way. View the message directly in a distinctive sticky notepad style format in one convenient popup window. SMS Express provides an easy popup alert when a message is received that allows you to quickly read and reply to messages. It also provides in-depth customization of message…

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Download Skyrim Save Game Reminder Skyrim Save Game Reminder icon
Skyrim Save Game Reminder

A simple timer app for when your deep in a dungeon and always forget to save. You can specify a time for the timer to go off, and it does so until you press stop. For example, you can set a timer for every 10 minutes, and a timer will go off every 10 minutes reminding you to save your progress. Themed with Skyrim, but can be used with any game you…

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Download GPS Quick Location Share GPS Quick Location Share icon
GPS Quick Location Share

GPS Quick Location Share is the best way to easily share your address through text message, email or social media. Instantly share your location with friends, partners and colleagues. Let them know where you are! Track and share your GPS location quickly and easily. GPS Quick Location generates real time GPS coordinates of your current location wh…

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Download Best Free Spyware Removal Best Free Spyware Removal icon
Best Free Spyware Removal

Do you have problems with spyware on your computer? Then this app is for you! Spyware are programs that are installed on computer systems generally without the user's knowledge or consent. Spyware are small pieces of software design to do a number of different things but they overall effect is that they compromise your online safety, security a…

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Download Android Automate Android Automate icon
Android Automate

Android Automate - multifunctional program, designed to help you manage your phone by allowing to customize phone reaction to large variety of events. Available conditions: - Date, time - Media and Camera buttons press - Sd-card mount/unmount - Notification on screen - Click on some widget - Enter text into text field - Check some…

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Download Explosives Engineers’ Guide Explosives Engineers’ Guide icon
Explosives Engineers’ Guide

Dyno Nobel’s Explosives Engineers’ Guide equips explosives engineers with the full range of blasting tools on mobile devices. Access key blasting calculators, product information, unit conversions and more- worldwide even in remote locations. Key features include: • Complete Dyno Nobel Product Info- product specs and application uses • 7 Custom B…

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Download DiGi Sound & Noise Meter DiGi Sound & Noise Meter icon
DiGi Sound & Noise Meter

This application brings the functionalities of a Sound Level Meter (SLM) to your phone. Measure the ambient (background) noise and the traffic noise (TNI)! >>Main features: • simple calibration settings • 3 measuring modes (Dynamic, Average, Cumulative) • current value, dB avg, dB min and dB max display • sound level versus time chart • thre…

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Download ICAS Helium Compressor Monitor ICAS Helium Compressor Monitor icon
ICAS Helium Compressor Monitor

ICAS: HELIUM “Intelligent Compressor Alert System ” “Let’s not waste Helium” The RM “Intelligent Compressor Alert System” (ICAS) app. is an innovative program developed for low cost Android mobile. It monitors and alerts via SMS and/or Email, the status the MR´s compressor, pressure, AC power failures and magnet quench. It is base…

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Download TruSilent TruSilent icon

TruSilent (also referred to as Tru Silent) is a “set it and forget it” app that completely silences your phone making it truly and fully silent when in silent/vibrate mode and makes embarrassing unwanted cell phone intrusions a thing of the past. TruSilent is being sponsored by AndyTags NFC Tags and Stickers and is therefore FREE for all. Have yo…

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Download Volume Controller Volume Controller icon
Volume Controller

Volume Controller,Now you can control your Mobile Phone volume with single applications,This applications have three button with an attached Vibrate functions,Scroll down and adjust to your liking,Quick office don't worry just use this Application and enjoy.

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Download Phone Test Phone Test icon
Phone Test

Main Features of the application, 1) Displays Battery level,Brightness, Network Connectivity, Operator Name,Battery Percentage, External Memory details and total memory of phone and sdcard and free memory of phone and sdcard as well, 2) Displays Device ID, IMSI No, Android id, WiFi MAC Address, Build Model, Device OS Version No, DEvice RAM, 2) Kil…

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