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Project Thoth

Project Thoth - Beta Version 1.0 Thoth is Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Application for android that can processed photographed images of typewritten or printed text into machine-encoded/computer-readable text. Please keep in mind that Project Thoth is still in beta, so please make sure the images are taken in a lit room with a clear/focuse…

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Simple CCTV (CCTV & Voice)

CCTV and voice application. Monitor your home or office when you out of office. Key Features 1. CCTV functions.     You can see your home or office anytime. 2. Voice transmission.    Client device can send voice message and it will be played on Server device 3. Video storage function    You can play videos you save. 4. Power-saving mode…

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ModeBot - do not disturb.

Do you want to protect yourself from the night calls and SMS spam? Remember to include a sound on the phone after the theater or a meeting? With ModeBot you can: - Protect yourself from unwanted calls at any time; - Protect yourself from the night SMS spam; - To make important calls and SMS, even when your phone is in silent mode; - Do not worry y…

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Convertix is a Unit Converter Convertix is Free. It is easy-to-use. Simply select a unit and the amount to convert and you will obtain the equivalences with the rest of the compatible Units. Convertix has more than 30 different Units Classes, such as Length, Volume, Angles, etc. Also, if the Unit Class you need doesn't or it exists but with a…

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CryptoSpecs (Crypto Specs) is an app dedicated to providing useful live data (current price, difficulty, reward, change/7h) and specifications (total supply, algorithm type, official website etc) for cryptocurrencies/digital currencies. Current functionalities - 100+ coins with their specifications (more are being added with each update) - Swipe l…

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Presentation Whiteboard

*** *** outline *** *** You can save made Image in album app. and then you can use that in mail or social app. When you use each tool, you don't have to tap so many. you need "only one tap". There is so many useful tool. internet tool, cut & paste tool, image tool, typing tool. *** *** Basic system *** *** there is t…

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Timeout for Kids

Timeout for Kids is a simple timeout timer app to help parents quickly and easily track a child's timeout. Simply open the app and choose the amount of time. Choose from one minute to ten minutes in duration. Push the start button and wait for the sound and vibration of the phone to alert you that timeout is over.

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SOS Locker

When you are under the gun to hand over a credit card, how do you send an SOS message under the eyes of the criminals? SOS Locker is a lock-screen software to save your life in danger. Other lock-screen software are focused in the fancy interface, but SOS Locker do the opposite. With a quick look at this lock-screen interface you won'…

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Flange Coupling Torque

This application is able to calculate the torque capacity of a bolted flange coupling based in the geometry, number of bolts, and coefficient of friction between surfaces. This application also gives the tightening torque of the bolts, the clamp force from its tightening and suggest a different geometry to improve the torque capacity. Check www.tro…

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Alkalmazásunkkal cége munkatársai könnyen, egyszerűen tudnak visszajelzést adni egyrészt kollégáiknak, hogy azok mennyire használják az egy-egy trainingen használt tudásukat másrészt akár egész szervezeti egységeknek, hogy mennyire elégedettek teljesítményükkel.

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Fast Geo Notes

Fast Geo Notes lets you store all your notes organized by location. Just select a place in the map and add your note. It will be stored locally attached to the position, giving to you the opportunity to classify your information globally. Don't lose anything more, just write it down on Fast Geo Notes! It is easy and simple.

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Notams Aero

Havacılık sektörünün olmazsa olmazı olarak nitelendirilen güvenlik hususları son yıllardaki gelişmeler ve düzenlemeler ile daha da önemli bir hal almıştır. Diğer yandan hava sahası kullanıcı sayısındaki ve hava havasahası verilerindeki artışlar zamanın daha da değerli olduğu günümüzde takip edilmesi zor bir hal almaktadır. Bu sebeple uçuş güvenliği…

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