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Mobile Connection Check

Quick check Global System for Mobile communication 1G, 2G, 3G & 4G in your Mobile.

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Download SMTP Lookup SMTP Lookup icon
SMTP Lookup

The SMTP Lookup utility is for anybody who is struggling to send e-mails because they are not sure of the correct server details for their e-mail account. Using an advanced server lookup process we will attempt to find the correct SMTP server to use for any valid domain or e-mail address that you enter (including support for Internet Service Provi…

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Download AppLock Theme Portal AppLock Theme Portal icon
AppLock Theme Portal

AppLock Theme Portal, AppLock v2.16+ required. Please install AppLock first: Feel free to send your feedback to us! email: website: Google+ : Facebook: Twitter: https://t…

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Download Niyantrak Niyantrak icon

In order to use this application, please download the Niyantrak Server. Link: Features of this app: - PC Control (TouchPad, Keyboard, Joystick) - User Friendly - Game play - Presentation Remote - Power Controls How to Connect: 1. Install Niyantrak Server on target PC 2. Open Niyantrak app 3. Connect to server on the same…

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Download Killer Clown Fake Call Killer Clown Fake Call icon
Killer Clown Fake Call

This is a easy prank playing application on your friends or others. All you need to do is set the timer and place the mobile near them. When the phone rings, let them pic the phone. They'll hear Killer Clown speaking on the call. We are not sure if they'll get Surprised, but you need to play the prank in such a way that they really get Surp…

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Download Ultimate Chests tracker for CR Ultimate Chests tracker for CR icon
Ultimate Chests tracker for CR

A very compact app, which tracks the chests inside the Clash Royale game. This app is based on a default cycle that can be found inside the game file all chestes. Basically, instead of searching and track the location, you will be able to make it easily. After the position is found, you'll know what chest is next with this super ultimate chests…

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Download oneOVPN - Free VPN for OpenVPN oneOVPN - Free VPN for OpenVPN icon
oneOVPN - Free VPN for OpenVPN

Using csv from VPNGate website to listing all the free openvpn (.ovpn) file which is available for download or import to OpenVPN Connect app. Our app just provide the ovpn file, you can then export that with other OpenVPN client to use that file. ** We are not related to website. We are just using the csv provided by that website only.

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Download Scheduler Pro Scheduler Pro icon
Scheduler Pro

Scheduler lets you change profile, wifi and other phone settings quickly and easily. Also you can schedule SMS in few easy step. You can select contact , enter text message and select time. Feature : - Profile Scheduler is a simple tool for change profile silent to general and general to silent. You can set time for make your ph…

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Download WhatsApp Cleaner WhatsApp  Cleaner icon
WhatsApp Cleaner

WhatsApp Cleaner is the best WhatsApp cleaning tool on market! It boosts up your Android device while saves your storage. Running out of storage space or lagging? It might be your WhatsApp Messenger taking up too much space. One of the core problems of using WhatsApp Messenger is how it uses the internal storage of Android. Every time you send…

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Download Calculator for R3 Calculator for R3 icon
Calculator for R3

Calculator for systems of linear equations Calculator for analytics geometry

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Download NetWork Master - Booster NetWork Master - Booster icon
NetWork Master - Booster

NetWork Master is a tool for network management, kinds of features to optimize network are offered. Speed Test Test your network speed including download and upload. Show you the real time speed and maximum speed of the mobile network and Wi-Fi Network Booster Rise up network speed by stopping the background apps. Forbidden apps running out of mo…

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Download Audio School Bell Audio School Bell icon
Audio School Bell

This app is for the configuration of our Automatic School Bell Device which plays Audio of Traditional Gongs at the set time.

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