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Bus Tracker Pro

Bus tracker app allow you to track your ward with the help of global positioning system installed in the passanger buses. User is able to track current location of bus and are able to manage their daily routines. Key Features for parents:- 1. Easy to use . Only mobile number is required to track any bus. 2. Can track multiple buses from single appl…

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SKoolRide School Ridesharing

Need to share ride for your daily school drop-off and pick-up? SKoolRide is a smart application offering a trusted and safe ridesharing network for school drop-off and pickup. Use SKoolRide to share ride with neighbors, parents and contacts having their children in the same school as yours. You can find trusted families on your way to school, If y…

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Download Regal Carriage Luxury Car Regal Carriage Luxury Car icon
Regal Carriage Luxury Car

Regal Carriage Luxury Car now makes taking care of your ground transportation needs more convenient than ever with our state of the art mobile app. With the Regal Carriage Luxury Car mobile app, you can: - See ride prices and book and pay for rides with just just a few taps - Receive live notifications about your driver's status, track your d…

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Download GPS SpeedoMeter GPS SpeedoMeter icon
GPS SpeedoMeter

SpeedoMeter is simple to use application with a great speech option if you can not look at the screen, showing your currently speed and max speed. Speed converts to: miles/hour km/hour meters/sec. The speed calculated by GPS so you need to be in a open space for a good signal reception from GPS Satellites . You can switch to on or off speech o…

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Download BusExpress BusExpress icon

BusExpress has the simple mission to provide you with a quick and convenient way to find and buy bus tickets for routes across the country or abroad, finding for you the best offers and prices! JUST CHOOSE A JOURNEY AND LEAVE ALL THE REST TO BusExpress! You no longer have to browse the Internet, to make phone calls or go on site. Here you will al…

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Download Hemen Kiralık Hemen Kiralık icon
Hemen Kiralık

Artık tatil cebinizde! En UCUZ ve KONFORLU günlük kiralık ev alternatifleri HemenKiralık’da! HemenKiralık uygulamasını ÜCRETSİZ indirip, Türkiye ve dünyanın yüzlerce şehrinde konaklama fırsatı yakalayın! 900’ü aşkın şehirde 45.000’in üzerinde konaklama imkanı artık parmaklarınızın ucunda. Otellere alternatif ekonomik, konforlu ve güvenli kısa dönem…

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Download Pictogram Treiler Pictogram Treiler icon
Pictogram Treiler

Ειδική εφαρμογή για την διαχείριση των οδικών συμβόλων που εμφανίζονται στα τρέϊλερ της Top Vision ΕΠΕ. Τα οδικά σύμβολα είναι ομαδοποιημένα σε κατηγορίες κάνοντας την εφαρμογή εύχρηστη και εργονομική. Η σύνδεση του κινήτου με την πινακίδα πικτογράμματος γίνεται μέσω wi-fi.

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Kiosk Plus

Kiosk Plus is a premium self-service booking app which puts the convenience of requesting a car to the customer's fingertips. The app is ideally created for customers to book or pre-book a ride by themselves from a tablet without any hassle. LUXURY GROUND TRANSPORTATION SERVICE A.S.A.P • Tap to book a car within the touch of a button • Ride…

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Download FairFare Inc FairFare Inc icon
FairFare Inc

FairFare is a user-friendly metasearch engine that compares the estimated cost and time of arrival of the rideshare and taxi options near you. Our mission is to help you find the cheapest and/or fastest ride via an efficient mobile platform. By using FairFare, you will have a list of the different rideshare or taxi options around you, ranked by est…

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Download Drive Safe Drive Safe icon
Drive Safe

This app was designed with the young drivers in mind and anyone who wishes to have less distractions from their cell phone while driving. the app will automatically shut down most of the data based apps on a android phone while moving at speed greater than 5 mph but it does allow for emergency contacts, navigation and 911 emergency calls while the…

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Download Live Traffic UK -- Beta Live Traffic UK -- Beta icon
Live Traffic UK -- Beta

Live Traffic UK is part of Live Traffic World which is focused on bringing the best quality traveller information to people on the roads. Live information is now in great demand, and with ever-improving technologies available to the vast and growing number of mobile users worldwide. Having this information puts the power in the hands of the travel…

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Download NJRide Driver NJRide Driver icon
NJRide Driver

"It works based on Cloud Solution, so users can access this application anytime and anywhere. Download the NJRide app from the application stores in your Smartphone. Register your details with mobile number and email address or login directly with your Facebook account. Enter the location manually or drag the Pin where you want the pickup an…

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