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Type Chinese

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Download Déjà vu SearchTyping (Chinese) Déjà vu SearchTyping (Chinese) icon

Déjà vu SearchTyping (Chinese)

Dejavu (Deja vu) Typing Software allows you to type words or phrases i...

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Free | 8.4 13

8.4 Users
Download Google Pinyin Input Google Pinyin Input icon

Google Pinyin Input

The Google Pinyin Input is an input method (IME) optimized for typing...

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8.2 Users
Download Type Chinese 输入工具 Type Chinese 输入工具 icon

Type Chinese 输入工具

Simple English to Chinese transliteration! Open App, then scroll down...

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Download Stroke5 Keyboard Stroke5 Keyboard icon

Stroke5 Keyboard

This is an implementation of Stroke5 Chinese Input Method for elders a...

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7 Users
Download Chinese Alphabets Exercise Chinese Alphabets Exercise icon

Chinese Alphabets Exercise

Chinese Alphabets is a new method for learning and typing Chinese in e...

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7.4 Users
Download Chinese Keyboard Chinese Keyboard icon

Chinese Keyboard

Chinese Keyboard is the best free application to write Chinese letters...

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Download Sino Korean Converter Sino Korean Converter icon

Sino Korean Converter

==on sale (2012. 2. 19 ~ 2012. 2. 26)== This is your only chance to bu...

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Download 3D Charts 3D Charts icon

3D Charts

***** Create astonishingly good looking 3D Charts within seconds. Visu...

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Free | 7.6 1.1K

7.6 Users
Download 3D Charts Pro 3D Charts Pro icon

3D Charts Pro

***** Create astonishingly good looking 3D Charts within seconds. Visu...

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Download 有營食肆 EatSmart Restaurant 有營食肆 EatSmart Restaurant icon

有營食肆 EatSmart Restaurant

Living in a fast paced city like Hong Kong, eating out is very much a...

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Free | 9 38

9 Users
Download Chinese Input Chinese Input icon

Chinese Input

HeChinese Series: 1. HeCharacter (On Google Play); 2. HeInput (This...

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Free | 8 4

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