"ugly meter"

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Your are so Geek...

?" ✓ You're so geek that you don't find people ugly but poorly optimized graphically ✓ You're

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Download Nerdtector: a nerd detector Nerdtector: a nerd detector icon
Nerdtector: a nerd detector

Nerdtector is a very simple app that transforms your phone into a sophisticated detector (and meter

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Subway Rushers

in lab, ugly face with 2.5 meter (8 feet) tall body. Kind of big monster . ~Rora : Brave female explorer

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Crazy Love Calculator HD

the ugly truth in seconds without a love test. This app cannot really calculate love between two person

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Download Beauty Scanner Prank Beauty Scanner Prank icon
Beauty Scanner Prank

is perfect. He jokes with your friends and discover your beauty percentage. Beauty or ugly? This scanner

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Download 小聿米之家 小聿米之家 icon

Here is a small Yu personally managed - Small Yu meters from home good thing strongly recommended

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Ultimate Detector LITE

, liar, sexy, ugly. Upgrade to the regular version for a greater selection and configurations.

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Download Beauty Check Beauty Check icon
Beauty Check

out exactly what's beautiful or ugly. The rating is broken down by individual features. Go

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Download Fugly GSM Signal Meter Fugly GSM Signal Meter icon
Fugly GSM Signal Meter

PHONES OTHER THAN HTC DESIRE NOT SUPPORTED!!!!! Really ugly signal meter. Handmade skin (with

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Download Nemesis Camera-JellyBean Style Nemesis Camera-JellyBean Style icon
Nemesis Camera-JellyBean Style

Camera Yet! BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE TIME FOR A SLOW ( and ugly ) CAMERA. Still stuck on an old phone

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Download Zombies Serving Hearts Zombies Serving Hearts icon
Zombies Serving Hearts

, not humans, not even zombies!!! All we have to do is to love them! Even an ugly, hideous, bad smelling zombie

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Download Ugly Meter™ Ugly Meter™ icon
Ugly Meter

tell you? Do you have an ugly friend, and you just don't know how to tell them? The Ugly Meter

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