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Ultrasound Pro

Ultrasound of different frequencies. Mosquito from dogs, cats, and from other insects. And from

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Ultrasound Scanner (Prank)

Are you looking for ultrasound pranks? Trick your friends by this ultrasound scanner app by showing

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Ultrasound Calc Lite

A handheld tool for NDT Descriptions: Ultrasound Calc contains all calculations which

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Diagnostic and Interventional Endoscopic Ultrasound An App (EUS) dedicated to endoscopic

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Prenatal Ultrasound Lite

Gag app! Trick your parents or not so tech savvy friends. Tell them this app allows you to view a sonogram image on your device. If you like this app please rate it and check out our other apps! Thank you for your support, LAM Creations

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Ultrasound Simulator prank

into ultra sound scanner. Do you want to do prank ultrasound of body from phone camera? if yes try out

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MSK ultrasound Upper Limb

-skeletal Ultrasound on the upper limb. It is an invaluable encyclopedia of "how-to" for all health

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Ultrasound Barrier

Mosquito generator is an application that generates a mosquito sound. It is possible to generate a sound of 15kHz ~ 20kHz. Sound to play in the tap icon. + Fly 16KHz + Mosquitoe 17KHz + Dog 18KHz + Cat 19KHz + Rat 20KHz + Youngster 15KHz

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Radon - Share using Ultrasound

including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ultrasound. It does everything automatically, so all you have to do is tap

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Pregnancy X-Ray Ultrasound

You will see are your friend is pregnant with pregnant x-ray ultrasound scanner application! Your

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