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Font Vending

at the /sdcard/fonts/ folder or any other folder defined by Font Vending client developer. Developers often give

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Gift Vending Machine

A fun app to receive amazing gifts or presents for free. There are many items to collect, what are you waiting for having all of them? The apps include three mini games to have more fun! TIC TAC TOE The classic puzzle game of TIC TAC TOE now available for your Android device. Take turns marking the spaces in a grid with X or O. The player who pl…

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MAOAM Mega Vend Recharge

MAOAM Mega Vend Recharge is a fun new puzzle game for Android! Jump in to the machine with a mouth

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GoLauncher Vending Machine

" by Maize, free in the market (fits in real nice with the vending machine - resize the widget to suit you

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CRAVE Vend helps you manage your business and seamlessly connect with your customers. With CRAVE

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VendR is the ultimate networking app for traders. You can build your own store, watch other's

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your experience while using Vend.

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Steampunk Light GOLocker Theme

This is a Light Clock version of the Steampunk GOLocker Theme - for those of you that like it This GOLocker Steampunk Theme features sneek peeks into a rusty world, built from parts and pieces scattered throughout what was once earth. Tetanus shot is not included. So please be careful, when swiping your fingers over those sharp, rusty bits - wh…

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I can do it - Vending Machine

a vending machine. Put in the money...press the button...ta-da! I bought my own drink! No matter how many

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Vending Machine Industry

This APP is for persons needing advice on the Vending Industry, Shopping, News Articles, and More

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AG FOODS Vending Calculator

and leave it to the new AG FOODS Vending application. Stay informed about news and interesting offers from

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