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Whats activities fun weather

The main goal of this app is not only to give you accurate weather forecast, but first of all to give some fun, adventure and taste to your life. To give you ideas for activities for specific weather conditions. It’s minimalistic, beautiful 5-day weather forecast, and first of all it gives you a hint WHAT TO DO in that weather condition. No more b…

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Weather Live-Ish

I have created an app that reads the clientraw.txt file from Weather Display and it displays the temperature in the status bar, there is a set-up screen where you should set-up your website url, so all you need to do is type in and select "weather" it is http:// or https://, get it, weather instead of whether... (groa…

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Bike Weather

Welcome to version 1 of Bike Weather. Bike weather is a ultra-simple app that will plan your bicycle route and show you the weather conditions along the route. In this version, the application only samples the weather at one point along the route - more specific, the center of the route. As weather can be rather local sometimes, the next versions w…

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Welcome to Forecast! Forecast is a lightweight weather app that provides high quality weather information. This app does not have the fancy animations, rounded numbers, limited forecast info, or other simplifications that you may find in other weather apps. With Forecast, you can get information on not only the current weather, but also on the fo…

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New York Weather Radar

New York Weather Radar was developed by Severe WX Warn and contains features such as storm signatures(tornado vortex signatures, hail storm signatures and damaging wind signatures.) The app also includes storms reports for tornadoes, damaging winds and severe hail. Along with this the app also includes lightning strike data, active hurricanes and…

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TrueFeel - Weather App (Beta)

Weather apps in general only show numbers that represent wind, pressure, humidity etc. but have you ever wondered how these numbers affect your body or how it will make you feel ? well, TrueFeel was born to tackle that. TrueFeel is a new app that shows the true feel of the weather in readable meaningful words rather than listing the weather data…

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Check Weather

It's a power full Weather application which provides you the details report of 7 days .if you are going to any particular place you can search that place and get the weather of 7 days of that particular city. Application Contains:- 1) You can get the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit 2) you can get wind direction 3) you can get P…

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Weather App

Weather App is a simple current weather application from over 200,000 cities and growing. This app makes it very easy to find the current weather conditions from where ever you are. The Weather App is still not fully out of production, but still provides accurate data. The weather app lets the user choose and change their location by city, and prov…

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Weather Isolameteo Sardinia

Isolameteo APP created with the intent to make available on your smartphone weather forecasts of Have the weather forecast always at hand. Also you can see the time Iglesias LIVE with the train Online 24 hours 24. Soon will be integrated other cities.

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US Lightning Strikes Map

US Lightning Strikes Map is an Interactive Map shows recent lightning strikes for the United States. The data shows the most recent hour of lightning strike data.

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Pisara is a clean and simple weather application which uses your current location to determine the weather right on the spot. It also provides coverage on hourly and seven day information. And don't forget to look at the rain/snow chance so you won't be surprised by an newly formed storm.

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Nasty Rats In Your Photo

Did you have never seen Rats going crazy at your home? You are looting and cheating your friends was never so fun to do some rats in photos! So Help our ratty friend to take a photo with you or with your girlfriend at home • you will find a Nasty and beautiful rats in this application • Add a cool real Rats or 3D Rat graphics and effects • Simple…

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