Download UV Index Widget - UVIMate UV Index Widget - UVIMate icon
UV Index Widget - UVIMate

UVIMate is a simple, neat and informative UV Index Widget for your Android. Protect yourself from ultraviolet (UV) radiation just with a quick sight on a homescreen. No ads and extra information. UV Index available all across the Earth. ▶ Keep track of a current UV Index, max UV and burn time for your skin type ▶ Global UV Index awareness in any…

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Download Sun position checker - Steffen Sun position checker - Steffen icon
Sun position checker - Steffen

The Steffen app allows you to see in real time the position of the sun or moon at any point in world. By default it uses your current location to cast a shadow in the same direction as the sun or moon and displays a little compass at the bottom of the screen. The app tells you how long until sunrise or sunset depending on if it is currently day or…

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Download OzRadar5 OzRadar5 icon

Australian Rain Radar Shows Rain, GPS location, ZOOM controls. Easy to use. No Ads. OzRadar5 displays the most recent Australian weather bureau radar (rain) images for a selected location. It shows a map of your area with a moving overlay of the rain radar images and your current GPS location. OzRadar5 remembers your last accessed location and…

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Download Trump The Weather Trump The Weather icon
Trump The Weather

Millions of people love Donald Trump, millions of people hate Donald Trump but EVERYONE wants to see Donald Trump read the weather forecast! Trump The Weather gives you the current weather forecast free for anywhere in the world using “Trumpisms” to describe the weather conditions. What would Donald Trump wear if he had to go outside? Trump th…

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Download Emergency Planner Emergency Planner icon
Emergency Planner

How prepared is your family for an emergency? Does each family member know what to do? You can use our emergency planner app to plan for an emergency. You can personalize it to list all of your family's crucial emergency information including: how to contact each other, where family members might be during the week, outside contacts, where to…

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A level 3 radar viewer (Raw radar data - not smoothed) Provides the highest accuracy data but may appear to some users as being "pixelated." This is not a problem with the program or your device but depicts the data in its raw, most accurate form. Unlike the full version of the product, no product support is available for the PYKL3 Lit…

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Download World Wide Weather Pro World Wide Weather Pro icon
World Wide Weather Pro

Check out the world's weather map all in one spot! Just maps, no bull! No Ads, ever, Period! HD images Refreshes every 15 minutes Just scroll through maps! No Ads! Landscape mode to zoom in on each radar image!

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Download Weather at a Glance Weather at a Glance icon
Weather at a Glance

With "Weather at a Glance" you can very quickly check current weather conditions and a 5-day forecast for your location* Everything is on one screen! You can also check the weather conditions anywhere in the United States - simply search by city name or a zip-code and instantly download fresh weather data for the chosen location. Now yo…

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Download Disaster Center Disaster Center icon
Disaster Center

Disaster Center application is all about delivering fire, cloud, sat & road information in a easy to understand and exciting 3D format. With Disaster Center you can also view your location relative to fires or if you are on a trail load up your trail gpx file and show how close fires might be. You can also share your map with others. It also no…

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Download Ace Weather Ace Weather icon
Ace Weather

Check weather in a nice stylish way, and learn new English idioms everyday. Tons of new English Idioms will allow you to increase English vocabulary and to become more fluent in English language. Start learn English today. INCLUDES SETS OF: – Idioms; – Collocations; – Slang words; – Common Mistakes. ENGLISH FEATURES: – home screen widget to learn…

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Download Rain Guard Rain Guard icon
Rain Guard

RAIN GUARD :: Never let the rain catch you off-guard. Also includes UV GUARD :: Protects you & your family from harmful UV rays :) Rain Guard is a very lightweight, extremely functional & intuitive to use app for instantly finding out the percentage of precipitation / chance of rain in the next 36 hours at your current location anywhere ar…

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Download Radarchive Radarchive icon

Most radar programs only have 4 precipitation types. This radar program has 5 precipitation types. Most radar programs only have current radar. This radar program shows current and past radar.

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